BLACK + DECKER BEMW481BH-GB Lawn Mower with Bike Handle Review UK

Black and Decker is one of the top selling manufacturers of power tools in the country, yet many people do not know that the company also produces a line of corded lawn mowers. These mowers have all the hallmarks of a Black and Decker product, including excellent performance, lasting durability, and an affordable price point.

The BEMW481BH-GB is an electric rotary lawn mower designed for larger lawns. Fitted with a massive 1800W motor, this is one of the most powerful corded mowers available in this price range, making it a great investment for anyone that is dealing with larger lawns or lawns with long/dense growth that is difficult to mow.

Let’s take a closer look at the BEMW481BH-GB to see what is offers:


  • 1600W Electric Motor
  • 12m Cable
  • 6 Cutting Heights (20mm to 70mm)
  • 42cm Cutting Width
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Rear Roller
  • 50L Grass Bag

Motor and Power

The Black and Decker EMW481BH-GB comes with a massive 1800W electric motor, making it one of the largest available on the market. This means that the mower is perfect for working in the largest gardens, being suitable for lawn surface area up to 600m2.

Not many gardens have lawns larger than this, so if you need a mower that can handle the largest surface areas then this is certainly worth consideration. Naturally, a motor with this power is also ideal for tougher growth including long dense, and damp grass.

The motor also utilises unique E-Drive technology, providing additional torque to ensure its cutting power remains consistent, even when tackling more overgrowth or damper lawns. Therefore, if your lawn often gets overgrown with tall grass and lots of weeds, this mower will be able to cut through it with ease.

At 12m power cable is included, which is a few metres longer than the 10m average, giving some additional flexibility when mowing around larger gardens. Given it is intended for the largest sized lawns, its good that the cable is on the longer side too.

Cutting Width

Any mower designed for large lawns requires a suitable sized blade, as anything too small can make mowing times much longer. The BEMW481BH-GB has no such problem, being fitted with a large 42cm steel blade.

This offers a wide cutting range that is necessary when mowing large surface areas, mowing huge swathes of the lawn in a single pass. The blade is also designed to deliver 80% better collection and improved cutting performance – looking at it in action it certainly delivers a clean and precise cut while efficiently gathering all clippings. 

BLACK + DECKER electric mower bike handle

Cutting Height

The best lawn mowers offer several cutting height options, as grass needs to be cut to a specific height depending on the time of year and its current amount of growth. Sometimes you should cut the grass shorter while other times it is best to leave it longer, so you always want multiple height settings to accommodate different situations.

The BEMW481BH-GB comes with six blade positions, more than most lawn mowers, giving all the options you need for seasonal mowing. 20mm is the lowest setting, being suitable for a close cut finish, while the 70mm setting is great for when you need to leave the lawn a bit longer, like with the first mow of the season.

There are various increments in between, all of which are adjusted using the central lever on the cutting deck. This method is the quickest, most efficient way to reposition the blade height.  


BLACK + DECKER electric lawn mower cutting width

The BEMW481BH-GB has a unique ergonomic handle design that greatly improves the usability of the device. This bike handle design offers improved weight disruption when handling the mower, making it much easier to manoeuvre, which is certainly welcome given its most likely being used on larger lawn areas.

You can get a firm grip on these handles for comfortable operation, even when working in tight spaces or uneven terrain, such as a sloped lawn. The large wheels also help in this regard, offering excellent stability across all surface areas, including longer grass, which can often clog mower wheels if they are not suitably designed.

The Intelli-Cable system also helps improve usability, keeping most the power cable under control by fixing it to the handlebar. This means less time worrying about the cable position and more time focused on mowing.

At 17.5kg it is not the lightest corded mower in the market, although this is expected given the huge motor and the fact it is intended for use in larger lawns up to 600m2. Also, this weight is still not too heavy for most average users, and the ergonomic handle and oversized wheels help make it less notable. 

Rear Roller, Grass Box and Storage

As it is designed for larger lawns and to easily cut through tougher growth, the BEMW481BH-GB comes with a sizable 50L grass collection box. This offers a lot of capacity for clippings, which is required given how much grass you can expect to gather when mowing large surface areas, especially if the grass is longer.

This box also comes with a full lever indicator, so on the off chance it does need emptied you can quickly check without needing to stop the mower and open the box. The box is fairly robust, made from a hard plastic for added durability, while also having an integrated handle for easier emptying of clippings.

There is also a rear roller integrated into the cutting deck. This lets the mower create an attractive striped finish across the surface of the lawn, just move the mower backwards to make a stripe, alternating each pass on the lawn to create the effect across the entire surface.

The mower is on the larger side, so storing it might be tricky if you are short on space. The handles don’t fold down and there is no vertical storage option, so bear this in mind if you don’t have much space free in your shed or garage.


  • Massive 1600W motor offers amazing cutting power
  • Easily mows through longer and wetter grass
  • Ergonomic handles and large wheels for better usability
  • Large grass box will rarely need emptied mid-mow
  • 12m power cable for better manoeuvrability
  • Includes rear roller


  • Not the lightest but this is expected for mowers designed for the largest lawns 

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