Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width 45 cm

The Rotak range from Bosch are some of the bestselling lawn mowers in the UK. Known for their impressive motors that offer exceptional cutting power, the mowers remain easy to operate and come packed with useful features for lawn maintenance, all available for a reasonable price point.

The AdvancedRotak covers a few models designed for larger garden lawns, with the 750 being one of the most powerful on the market. Equipped with a huge 1700W motor, a large cutting blade, and various additional features, this is an excellent investment for anyone with a larger than average lawn seeking a reliable mower for easier maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at the AdvancedRotak 750 to see what it offers:


  • 1700W Electric Motor
  • 10m Cable
  • 45cm Cutting Width
  • 7 Cutting Heights (20mm to 80mm)
  • 50L Grass Box
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Integrated Grass Comb
  • Leaf Shredding Function

Motor and Power

Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width 45 cm

The Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 is fitted with one of the largest electric motors on the market, with the 1700W motor offering near unrivalled cutting power. This does result in a bigger sized mower, which is often needed when working on larger lawns with tougher growth.

Producing high speeds and torque, the motor performance is up there with a petrol mower, but without anywhere near the same noise, weight, and emissions. This makes it suitable for those extra large lawns, with it being suitable for surface areas up to 750m2 – not many mowers are designed for such large areas!

Better still, the motor utilises innovative Bosch technology called ProSilence, which significantly reduces the noise output. Given this is a larger mower, it is amazing just how quiet the motor is when mowing, producing less noise than many mowers that have half the cutting power.

While it is best used for large lawns, the mower does a fine job on mid-size lawns too, although we recommend avoiding using it on anything too small, as it does have a larger cutting deck that can make manoeuvring in tight spaces more difficult.

Cutting Width

Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width 45 cm

Equipped with a 45cm hardened steel blade, the AdvancedRotak 750has one of the biggest cutting widths on the market. This highlights just how suitable it is for larger lawns, with the wide cutting deck helping to keep mowing time down by cutting large portions of the lawn in a single pass.

Again, it can be used on medium size lawns too, with anything smaller than 750m2 being mowed much faster thanks to the huge reach of the blade. Avoid anything too small though, as you will find that the blade makes the cutting deck too wide to operate in tight spots, which are common on smaller lawns.

Cutting Height

With seven cutting heights available, the AdvancedRotak 750 makes year-round mowing easier than ever. You always want a mower with multiple cutting height options, as the lawn should be cut to a specific height depending on its current growth and condition.

For example, the first mowing after the winter, usually in early spring, requires a high cutting height to avoid removing too much at once. It is best to leave it longer, removing a little from the height, reducing the blade position with each subsequent mow until it is nice and short.

With heights ranging from 20mm to 80mm, the mower offers all the blade positions you need to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn no matter the time of the year. The highest settings are especially useful for people that don’t mow their lawn too often, as you can remove a short amount to leave it tidier without removing too much height.  

Better still, adjusting the heights is quick and easy, with a central adjustment button on the cutting deck instantly moving the blade position with one push.

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As the AdvancedRotak 750 is intended for use in larger lawns, it is naturally a bigger and heavier mower. However, this does not make it too difficult to operate, with the mower still relatively lightweight at 16kg.

Usability is further improved by the ErgoSlide handle design, which helps to offset some of the heavier weight by making it easier to move around the garden for longer periods. These handles come with a comfortable grip, multiple power buttons, and adjustable length, making it easier to find the most comfortable for each user.

Storage is also made easier thanks to the foldable design, with both the grass box and handles folding down for more compact storage. This certainly useful considering the mower is on the larger side.

Grass Box, Grass Comb, and Leaf Shredding

Bosch AdvancedRotak 750 Electric Rotary Lawnmower, Cutting Width 45 cm

Being a lawn mower intended for areas up to 750m2 means a good size grass box is needed for all the clippings. The AdvancedRotak 750 certainly offers this with its spacious 50L grass box, which should offer enough capacity for lots of clippings.

Sometimes this may need emptied before you finish mowing, such as one the larger sized lawns with longer grass. There is a level indicator on the box, so you can check if it needs emptied without needing to stop and open it.

Another handy feature is the integrated grass combs on the cutting deck. Attached to either side of the deck, these combs gather those stray grass blades along the edging of the lawn, saving the hassle of going back later with trimmers – great for anyone with lawn edging and/or fencing along their lawn.

The AdvancedRotak 750 also has a unique blade design, featuring serrated edges that let it shred leaves on the lawn. This is a great addition for anyone that has trees in their garden, as fallen leaves can quickly accumulate on a lawn and requite a lot of effort to rake and remove.

With LeafCollect, the blade simply gathers and shreds any leaves on the lawn. You don’t even need to move them, just push the mower over the leaves and it will chop and gather them into the grass box for easy disposal.


  • Powerful 1700W motor offers excellent cutting power
  • Almost silent operation
  • ErgoSlide handles make it easier to operate for longer periods
  • Seven cutting heights for seasonal mowing
  • Grass combs make it easier to maintain lawn edges
  • Leaf shredding function useful for gardens with lots of trees and shrubs


  • Power cable could be longer given it is designed for use on larger lawns, although an extension cord offers a simple solution to this
Bosch Lawnmower AdvancedRotak 750 (1700 W, Cutting Width: 44 cm, Lawns up to 650 m², Height of cut:...100
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