Bosch lawn mowers are amongst the best-selling the UK, known for their quality build, reliable performance, and cost-effective prices. The Rotak 32 LI continues this trend, being an excellent choice for anyone with a small garden seeking a high-quality cordless mower.

Mowers that are designed for small lawns are often lacking in many areas, namely cutting power and their runtime, yet the Rotak 32 LI has no such issues. Designed for gardens with smaller lawns, the mower packs plenty of punch, being suitable for all kinds of lawns, from the well-maintained to the overgrown.

Equipped with a 36V 2Ah battery, 32cm steel blade, three cutting heights, and ergonomic design for easy usability, this is the perfect cordless mower for smaller gardens, especially those in urban areas that still require a reliable mower for lawn maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look to see what the Bosch Rotak 32 LI has to offer:  

  • 36V 2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 32cm Cutting Width
  • 3 Cutting Heights (30mm to 60mm)
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • 31L Grass Collector
  • Integrated Grass Combs
  • Battery Interchanges with Bosch Cordless Garden Tools

Battery and Motor

At a glance the 36V 2Ah battery that powers the electric motor may not seem like much, yet it utilises the exceptional Syneon chip technology developed by Bosch that has made them a market leader for cordless mowers.

The lithium-ion battery is deceptively powerful, especially when integrated into a smaller lawn mower such as this, resulting in a lot of cutting power that is ideal for UK lawns.

In fact, the battery gives the mower enough power that it can handle cutting wet and thick grass, something many cordless models struggle with. Given how much rain we see here in the UK, this is a great selling point and something most will take advantage of.

Better still, the battery offers one of the faster charge times, fully charging in around 70 minutes. You can even charge to 80% in 40 minutes, which is useful for those days where you don’t need to remove much from the lawn and won’t use the full charge.

The motor runs almost silently, with low sound output of just 74dB, making it a good choice for those that like to mow early in the morning without disturbing anyone.

Another benefit of this battery is that it interchanges with other Bosch 36V cordless garden tools like a strimmer, hedge trimmer, or chainsaw. Whether you own these already or are thinking of buying more garden tools, having a universal battery that fits them all is convenient and will save a lot of money. 

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Cutting Width

The 32cm steel blade is perfect for smaller lawns, giving enough width to easily mow through lawns measuring up to 200m2 in no time. Razor sharp and highly durable, the blade produces a clean cut on the lawn, helping to avoid scalping and providing an attractive finish.  

Cutting Height

The Rotak 32 Li offers three cutting heights ranging from 30mm to 60mm. These are adjusted via a small lever on the cutting deck, allowing you to easily lower or raise the blade as needed. While three heights are somewhat limited compared to others, most small lawns don’t require more than this to get a nice finish.

30mm is not as close to the ground as many mowers, so you may not get a close cut finish using this mower. Most people won’t mind this though, as lower heights are best saved for ornamental lawns, so unless you are a lawn enthusiast the heights available should be fine.

If anything, these heights are great for low maintenance gardeners, allowing you to remove small amounts of length from the grass to keep it healthy.


As it is intended for use in small lawns up to 200m2, the Rotak 32 LI is one of the lightest mowers in the market, weighing just 10.8kg. This is remarkably light for a lawn mower, making it simple and easy to operate across the lawn, even in gardens with slopes or uneven terrain.

Additionally, the mower comes with ergonomically designed dual handles, offering complete comfort as you mow. Power buttons are located throughout the handle, so you can adjust your grip to various positions to get the most comfortable one.

The handle also come with adjustable hinges, letting you set the best working position for your height and build. Thick wheels help maintain stability across all terrains, further reducing vibrations while making it easy to manoeuvre.  

grass combs

Grass Combs and Grass Collector

Integrated grass combs are found at the edges of the cutting deck, allowing the mower to catch all those finer blades of grass that often get missed around the edges. Anyone with edging or flower beds around their lawn know how annoying this is, so having grass combs ensures the perfect finish across the edge of the lawn.

This feature is also useful for lawns running along walls or fences, ensuring no stray blades are left behind, resulting in a uniform finish.

As with any good mower, the Rotak 32 LI comes with a grass collector, with the 31L capacity being more than enough for most small lawns. You probably won’t need to stop and empty it mid-mow as it will have plenty of space for all your clippings.

The mower doesn’t mulch or have rear rollers for a stripped finish, although putting a stripped effect on a smaller lawn is not usually worth it – they tend to be too narrow for it to be worth the effort.


  • Perfect for small gardens in urban areas
  • Fast charging battery
  • Lightweight and easy to operate on uneven terrain
  • Great for people who mow lawns less frequently
  • Grass combs for a good finish around edges


  • No mulching or rear roller functions

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