Bosch Rotak 34R Lawnmower Review

The Bosch Rotak collection is a range of affordable lawn mowers from renowned the German manufacturer. Known for their great performance and durability, the Rotak range remain some of the best selling mowers in the UK, being a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable mower for an affordable price.

The Rotak 34 R is the mid-size option in the collection, with the electric rotary lawn mower designed for medium sized lawns. In fact, this mower is an excellent choice for most UK lawns, being suitable for most average size lawns here, while also being versatile enough to handle smaller lawns too.

Let’s take a closer look at the Bosch Rotak 34 R to see what it offers:

Bosch 34R Features

  • 1300W Electric PowerDrive Motor
  • 34cm Cutting Width
  • Five Cutting Heights (20-70mm)
  • 40L Grass Box
  • Integrated Grass Comb
  • Rear Roller
  • 11.1kg

Motor and Power                                                               

The Rotak 34 R is fitted with a powerful 1300W PowerDrive motor, resulting in 3600rpm for the steel cutting blade. This is a lot of cutting power for such a compact machine, meaning it can easily cut through longer and denser growth with minimal effort – a great choice for people that mow their lawn infrequently.

Compare against other Bosch electric models – 32R and the 36R

While the 1300W motor is certainly not the most powerful, it is perfect for small and medium size lawns, with this model designed for use on lawns approximately 300m2. You can certainly use it on smaller size lawns too, even if your garden is more compact, with the mower taking even less time to cut through swathes of grass.  

Being a corded model means that the motor requires mains power to operate, with a 10m cable included with the lawnmower. This lets you move the mower around without your movements being restricted, and most UK lawns are close enough to the property that 10m of cable should offer all the reach you need – simply use an extension cord if you are finding its movements too restrictive.

Cutting Width

As the name suggests, the Rotak 34 comes with a 34cm cutting blade. Made from hardened steel, the blade is the ideal width for working on medium size lawns, mowing through a large portion of the lawn in a single pass.

It works even quicker when mowing smaller lawns, removing huge chunks in each pass to significantly reduce mowing time. Each pass produces a clean and precise cut across the grass, resulting in a uniform finish that is pleasing on the eye and encourages healthy regrowth.

34cm is a suitable width for narrower gardens too, so if you are working in confined spaces or have an irregular shaped lawn that requires more complex manoeuvring, the narrower width should accommodate you fine.

Avoid using it on lawns too large -anything above 300m2 – and you will find the cutting width is fine in most circumstances. check out our electric mower page to find models for larger lawns.

Bosch Rotak 34R is lightweight is easy to use

Cutting Height

The best electric lawn mowers come with a good range of height settings for the blade. This lets you leave the grass as long or short as needed, with most people mowing their lawn at varying conditions throughout the year.

For instance, if you haven’t had a chance to mow recently and the grass is longer, you will want to use a higher blade position to ensure you don’t remove too much grass at once. This helps to avoid issues like scalping while providing the best conditions for healthy regrowth, meaning greener grass with fewer weeds and bare patches.

With five settings range from 20mm to 70mm, the mower offers all the blade positions you could need for mowing a UK lawn. Whether you want to leave the grass short, long, or somewhere in-between, these height settings are varied enough to let you get the perfect lawn length no matter the season or weather conditions.

To adjust the height, you just move the handle on the central height adjustment system on the cutting deck. This lever is at the front of the mower rather than at the side, although we don’t think there is much different in the positioning – at worst you only need to move an extra step or two to reach it.  


As one of the lighter Bosch corded mowers at 11.1kg, the Rotak 34 R offers excellent usability. Manoeuvring it across the lawn requires little effort, ensuring you can mow for longer periods without feeling fatigued or achy – this makes an excellent choice for anyone that struggles to move heavier objects.

While it doesn’t feature ergonomically designed handles like other Bosch models, the mower remains easy to use, mainly because it is so light. It would be nice for ergonomic handles but we doubt many users will feel they need them, especially considering that the more basic design helps keep the price down.

As mentioned, the mower comes with a 10m cable so you should find that it offers ample reach, unless your lawn is situated a long distance from your property. In this case, a good extension cable should make it a non-issue!

Large wheels help with navigation across tougher grass and uneven terrain. The mower can be pushed and pulled on sloped lawns without requiring too much exertion due to its lighter weight.

There is also an integrated handle on the cutting deck, allowing for easier transportation to and from storage. Given the lighter weight of the lawn mower, you will most likely find it easy to carry, although you can always push it too if preferable.

Grass Box, Rear Roller, and Grass Combs

The Rotak 34 R comes with integrated grass combs, allowing it to easily catch stray blades of grass along the edges of lawns. The mower deck is designed to fit comfortable along edges of lawns while catching all the grass, making it a great choice for people with edging, borders, beds etc., along their lawn.

Furthermore, the mower deck has rear roller integrated at the back, allowing you to create a striped effect by pulling the mower backwards along the lawn. This effect provides an attractive finish that many find appealing, so it’s a nice addition especially considering the lower price point.

As with any good lawn mower, at grass collection box is included, offering 40L of capacity for clippings. This probably won’t need emptied until you are finished mowing the lawn, even if the grass is a bit longer.  


  • Versatile mower that is suitable for small and medium size lawns
  • Very lightweight for improved usability
  • Powerful motor handles long and dense grass with ease
  • Good range of cutting heights
  • Integrated rear roller and grass combs let you achieve an attractive finish


  • No ergonomic handles but the lighter weight offsets the issue
Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower - 1300W100
  • Bosch Rotak 34R Electric Lawnmower - 1300W.

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