Bosch  Universal Rotak 36-560 36 review

Bosch remains one of the top selling lawn mower manufacturers in the UK, offering high performance products for cost-effective prices. Their cordless mower range is no exception, especially their newer range of Rotak products like the Universal Rotak 36-560.

Designed for large UK lawns, the Universal Rotak 36-560 is equipped with a dual battery system for added power and runtime, while utilising ProSilence technology to provide one o the quietest mowers on the market.

Offering various cutting heights, the ability to shred leaves, and an ergonomic design for easy usability, the Universal Rotak 36-560 is a great choice for anyone with a larger garden seeking a quality mower for their lawn maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at the Universal Rotak 36-560 to see what it has to offer:


  • Two 18V 2Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 38cm Cutting Width
  • 6 Cutting Heights (25mm to 70mm)
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Collects and Shreds Leaves
  • 40L Grass Box

Battery and Motor

Bosch  Universal Rotak 36-560 36 voltage battery

The Universal Rotak 36-560’s electric motor is powered by a dual lithium battery system, combining two 18V 2Ah batteries to increase power and performance. Combined, these batteries offer approximately 50 minutes of runtime, with slight variations depending on the conditions.

In any case, this is a lengthy runtime for a cordless mower, highlighting its suitability for larger lawns. On a single charge the mower covers an area of roughly 560m2, which is enough for most lawns here in the UK, even those that are especially large.

Of course, the runtime is not the only important aspect to consider, as you want a battery that doesn’t take too long to charge. Packed with a dual charging station, the mower batteries charge to 100% in about 65 minutes, which is amazing considering some mowers with a single battery take up to two hours to charge. 

The runtime is not the only impressive aspect of the mower, with the electric motor being one of the quietest available. Using Bosch’s patented ProSilence Technology, the mower produces around 30% less noise than similar size mowers, which is excellent considering the size and power it provides.

So, if you often mow earlier in the day and do not want keep disturbances to a minimum, this is near silent operation is a great feature.  

Cutting Width

Equipped with a 38cm steel blade, the mower has a spacious cutting width that helps to reduce mowing times on larger lawns. This is quite important when using a battery operated mower, as you need to keep runtime to a minimum to ensure you have enough power to finish mowing.

Thankfully, the 38cm width is suited for all large lawns, mowing through large portions of the lawn with a single pass, keeping runtime as short as possible. This does mean the mower deck is large so may not be ideal for medium lawns where you require more manoeuvrability.

Cutting Heights

You always want a varied selection of blade heights on a lawn mower, as sometimes the grass needs to be left longer or shorter depending on the conditions. With six heights to choose from, there are ample settings for all conditions, whether your grass is long, short, or somewhere in between.

For example, the lowest setting is 25mm, which is suitable for when the grass should be cut short, such as during peak growing season during spring and summer. Sometimes you want to leave it longer, like in autumn or for the first mow of the season, in which case you can use the higher settings.

All these settings are easily accessible using the lever on the cutting deck, adjusting the position with just one click of a button.


The challenge with lawn mowers for large gardens is striking the right balance between size and usability. Larger mowers are usually heavier so harder to move around, yet the Universal Rotak 36-560 has one of the lightest weights for a large mower, weighing just 15kg.

This makes it much easier to manoeuvre around the lawn, which is important given that you are likely operating it for close to an hour. Another important feature to help improve usability is the ErgoFlex handles, with the ergonomic handle design ensuring optimal comfort when using the mower.

The handles offer a sturdy grip and the handlebar can be adjusted to a few positions, while there are four power buttons located throughout the handle so you don’t need to change hands when turning or mowing around corners.

Grass Box, Grass Combs, and Leaf Shredding

Bosch  Universal Rotak 36-560 36 grass bag
Bosch  Universal Rotak 36-560 36 cutting height adjuster

The Universal Rotak 36-560 comes with a spacious 40L grass box, which should offer enough room for all your lawn clippings without needing emptied mid-mow. This box also folds down on itself when not in use, so you can save space when storing it.

There are integrated grass combs at the side of the cutting deck, each one gathering loose grass that tends to get missed along the edges. This is great for lawns with edging, borders, beds, or fences along the edges, ensuring nothing gets missed.

The cutting blade also has a unique design that makes its capable of shredding fallen leaves on the lawn. Simply move over the leaves as you mow the lawn and the blades do the rest, gathering and shredding them like normal grass clippings.

This is a great selling point for anyone with trees in their grade, as fallen leaves on a lawn can restrict the air and nutrients passing into the soil, while raking up leaves is time consuming and often back-breaking work.

The Universal Rotak 36-560 certainly offers convenient mowing in larger gardens with trees and hedging along the lawn, with the mower doing all the maintenance for you!


  • 50 minute runtime is suitable for larger gardens
  • Fast 65 minute charge time
  • Quiet operation even for an electric mower
  • Easy to operate thanks to lighter weight and ErgoFlex handles
  • Can gather and shred fallen leaves
  • Grass combs for edging
  • Six cutting heights


  • The grass box is sometimes difficult to remove first time of asking although you will likely get the hang of it soon enough
Bosch Cordless Lawnmower UniversalRotak 36-560 (36 Volt, 2x Batteries 2.0 Ah, Brushless Motor,...100
  • The Universal Garden Tools from Bosch – flexible and powerful for a wide range of tasks

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