EGO LM1701E 42cm Cordless Lawnmower review

EGO Power + is an American lawn mower manufacturer that is making quite the noise here in the UK market. While not the most established mower brand, this could be set to change with their line of Power Plus mowers, which utilise some of the most advanced lithium-ion battery technology on the lawn mower market.

The EGO LM1701E is one of the brands flagship models, with the cordless lawn mower designed for large gardens while providing exceptional cutting power and battery performance. This mower uses a sophisticated battery design to provide lasting power and durability, highlighting the excellent value for money you get when investing in this mower.

Let’s take a closer look at the EGO LM1701E to see exactly what is has to offer:


  • 56V 2.5Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • 42cm Cutting Blade
  • 7 Cutting Heights (25mm to 80mm)
  • 55L Grass Box
  • Telescopic Handle

Battery and Motor

The EGO LM1701E has one of the most advanced lithium-ion batteries used in a cordless lawn mower. The 56V rating is higher than most other mower batteries, while it also uses EGO’s patented Arc design, which is unlike standard batteries that have a traditional brick design.

This unique shape serves a function, providing a greater surface area for the battery cells, which are normally packed tightly together in a normal shaped lithium-ion battery.

With a larger surface area the battery better dissipates heat, making it function more efficiently – cell power is approximately 40% higher compared a 40V lithium-ion battery.  This also helps to reduce the chances of shutdowns and overheating.

The 2.5Ah battery powers the robust brushless electric motor, providing ample cutting power even on lawns in tougher condition, such as long and dense growth or wetter grass.  Brushless motors are always better for a lawn mower, being quieter, more durable, and lighter to keep the weight down.

Runtime for the battery is around 20 minutes in ideal conditions, making it suitable for medium and some large lawns, up to about 400m2. There are also larger batteries available should you want to increase the runtime, including a 5Ah battery that doubles the runtime to 40 minutes, which may be worthwhile if your lawn is on the larger side.

A standard charger is included with the LM1701E, charging the battery to 100% in about an hour. This is certainly impressive given the larger size and power of the battery, highlighting just how great EGO’s battery technology is. There is also a light indicator to show if the battery is charged or needs charged.

Furthermore, you can also purchase a rapid charger that reduces the charging time in half, taking about 30 minutes to fully charge the 2.5Ah battery.

This sophisticated battery can also be used on other EGO 56V power tools, which includes some other excellent garden equipment. If you register the battery, it also comes with a three year warranty, while the mower itself has a 5 year warranty when registered and used domestically.

Cutting Blade

The 42cm cutting blade is a standard size for mowers designed for medium and large lawns, offering a good width that removes plenty of grass in each pass of the mower. It should not take much longer than 20 minutes to mow lawns up to 400m2, assuming the conditions are okay.

The blade itself is made from premium quality steel, being razor sharp to produce the cleanest of cuts along the grass. It produces a tidy finish across the lawn, giving it the best conditions for healthy and vigorous regrowth.

Cutting Heights

It helps to have a good selection of cutting heights on a lawn mower, as you often need to leave the grass at different heights depending on the conditions and time of the year. For instance, summer months often see gardeners mow more frequently, in which case you will want to leave it shorter to make mowing easier and to encourage good regrowth.

The LM1701E comes with an impressive seven cutting heights, ranging from 20mm to 700mm. The 20mm setting is great for getting a close cut finish, so if you want to create a beautiful ornamental lawn this is a good option.

On the flip side, the 80mm setting is on the higher side for a mower, allowing you to leave grass longer, which is recommended at various points throughout the year, such as the first mowing of the season. People that mow infrequently will appreciate this blade setting, as you can remove less length from overgrown grass, avoiding issues like scalping.


The LM1701E is easy to operate, not being too heavy or cumbersome to move around the lawn. Telescopic handles are a nice addition, allowing you to adjust the position of the handles to better suit your height and posture – not many mowers have telescopic handles so it’s a welcome feature.

There are three positions, with the handle autolocking into place when you adjust it, so switching between these positions is easy enough too. By moving these into the most comfortable position, the mower feels much easier to move and will cause less fatigue, especially if mowing for longer periods.

Grass Collector and Storage

There are not many extra features included with the LM1701E compared to other top cordless models, with just a standard grass collector include alongside the mower. This does come with a large 55L capacity, so it is unlikely you will need to stop and empty the clippings before you are finished mowing.

A foldable design means that you can store the mower vertically, so if you are short on storage space in your shed or garage this is a nice feature.

While it is possible for the LM1701E to use a mulching function, this is only available through an accessory which is sold separately. This may not be much of an issue as not everyone wants a mulching feature, although it would be a welcome inclusion as part of the base kit.


  • One of the most advanced lithium-batteries on the market
  • Excellent cutting power and battery performance
  • Telescopic handles greatly improve usability
  • Stores vertically to save space


  • Mulching function only available if you buy a separate accessory

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