Einhell manufactures a wide selection of home and garden power tools, with their petrol lawn mowers being highly regarded for their cutting power and reliable engines. The GC-PM 46/2S HW-E is a powerful self-propelled petrol lawn mower suitable for large gardens, being capable of cutting through that longer and wetter growth common in UK lawns. 

Fitted with a powerful 139cc four-stroke engine, the mower offers high torque to handle that tougher growth, meaning you can easily maintain overgrown lawns that electric mowers struggle with. Add in a series of cutting heights, instant electric starting, and ergonomically designed handlebars, and you have one seriously impressive petrol mower.

Let’s take a closer look at the GC-PM 46/2S HW-E:


  • 139cc Four-Stroke Petrol Engine
  • 46cm Cutting Width
  • Six Cutting Heights (30mm to 80mm)
  • Self-Propelled
  • Electric Start
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • 70L Grass box


Unlike many petrol mowers that outsource their engines to other manufacturers, Einhell develop all their petrol engines internally, with the GC-PM 46/2S HW-E using a 139cc four-stroke motor. This engine delivers high torque for fast and efficient blade speeds, allowing the mower to easily cut through both long and wet grass.

The engine also provides power to the rear wheels, allowing the mower to be self-propelled when needed. You can easily switch between self and push-propelled, the latter delivering slightly more power to the blade because it is not powering the rear wheels.

As a petrol powered mower, starting the engine can be challenging when using the recoil start. The GC-PM 46/2S HW-E has an electric start function to solve this issue, with an internal battery providing instant starts with a turn of a small key. You can still use the recoil start if needed too.

Don’t worry about the battery running dry, as it charges itself during operation, much like a car battery does. There is a charger include just in case it goes flat, although with proper use and maintenance it should rarely need charged via a socket.

The engine has a 1.3L fuel tank, which is a generous capacity that ensures long mowing times on a single tank, with the mower suitable for use in larger gardens.

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Cutting Blade

The GC-PM 46/2S HW-E has a 46cm steel cutting blade, offering a wide range of cut that is ideal for medium and large size lawns. At 46cm, it falls nicely in the mid-range size, making it suitable for all kinds of lawn sizes without feeling too large or too small.

The blade is premium quality steel, with razor sharp blade that produces a clean cut. It has a high starting position too, which makes it better at cutting longer grass by minimising the chances of clogging along the blade and underneath the cutting deck. 

Cutting Heights

Einhell 3404365 GC-PM - 6 cutting heights

The cutting blade on the GC-PM 46/2S HW-E is adjustable to six positions, ranging from 30mm to 80mm. Adjusting the blade is quick and easy thanks to the central lever design, which only requires you to pull a lever to adjust the wheel positions and the blade’s height from the ground.

30mm is not the lowest height for a mower blade but still offers a close cut finish, although it will not achieve the well-manicured finish of an ornamental lawn. It is great for getting a short enough finish that the lawn looks tidy without being too bare, while you can adjust the heights for a longer finish.

The 80mm setting is quite high for a mower blade, highlighting the GC-PM 46/2S HW-E’s suitability for cutting longer grass. Again, you can lower the blades over several increments to get a shorter finish when desired.


Petrol lawn mowers are traditionally much more challenging to operate. This is mainly because the engine and metal chassis of these products are much heavier, with the GC-PM 46/2S HW-E weighing 42.30kg. This is certainly not the lightest mower available and is not easy to push manually for everyone.

Thankfully, the mower comes with optional rear wheel drive to make it self-propelled. This removes all the weight from the mower, with the engine doing most of the moving to make it much easier on the user.

This means you can comfortably operate the mower without getting a sore back or wrists. You can switch to push propelled mode too, which can be useful for fuel economy if you feel confident that you can move the mower manually.

Another feature that improves usability of the mower is the ergonomically designed handles. These come with extra padding for a comfortable grip, ensuring the vibrations from the engine do not stress the wrists and hands.

Furthermore, the handle length is adjustable to three settings, allowing you to find a comfortable position for your height. Not all petrol mowers have this feature, so it is a welcome inclusion that makes the mower more user-friendly.

The large, ball bearing mounted rear wheels offer great stability and manouvreability, even in tougher lawns where the terrain is uneven or the grass is overgrown. The mower easily navigates through more challenging environments, such as hills, slopes etc.

As mentioned, there is an electric ignition starter, allowing you to easily start the engine by rotating the key. This is quite convenient as using the recoil starter can be challenging for some people.

Einhell GC-PM 462 S folding
Einhell 3404365 GC-PM key start

Grass Collector and Grass Comb

The GC-PM 46/2S HW-E comes with a large 70L grass collector, offering plenty of capacity for grass clippings. This is useful as the mower is intended for use on larger lawns with long grass, which means a lot of grass clippings to get rid of.

In most instances, the grass collector is large enough that it will not need emptied until you are finished mowing. Should it get full before then, you can quicky check it at a glance using the filling level display.

There is also integrated grass comb at the front of the cutting deck, which gathers up those bits of grass that are often missed when mowing along lawn edges. While side combs are more efficient at this, it is nice to have one at the front for tidying up edges and to help get proper alignment along the lawn.


  • Great at cutting long and wet grass
  • Instant starting
  • Switches between self and push-propelled
  • 6 cutting heights
  • Ergonomic handles for easier operation
  • 70L grass collector with level indicator


  • Grass comb is at the front rather than sides

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