Flymo EasiStore 300R Li Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower - 40 V Battery (20 V x 2 Including Charger), 30 cm Cutting Width, 30 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Space Saving Storage Features

Flymo is one the most popular lawn mower manufacturers in the UK. Known for offering a great balance between affordability and quality, their mowers do not break the bank and are built to last, ensuring customers get excellent value for money.

Moreover, the company has a wide range of models to suit all gardeners, whether you need something compact and lightweight or more robust and powerful. For those seeking an affordable mower for smaller gardens that is easy to use and provides a great cut each time, look no further than the Flymo 300R Li.

Compact and lightweight, the 40V cordless mower is suitable for small lawns up to 200m2. The batteries offer 30 minutes of runtime and fully charge in 180 minutes, while the 30cm blade is adjustable to three height settings. 

Main Features

  • 40V (2 x 20V) 2Ah batteries
  • 30cm cutting width (also available in 34cm)
  • 3 cutting heights (25-65mm)
  • 30L grass collector
  • Foldable design

Battery and Motor

The electric motor is powered by two 20V 2.6Ah c-link lithium batteries, giving the 300R Li a total of 40V of power. The dual battery design offers a surprising amount of power and runtime for a model designed for small gardens, with the 30 minutes of power being suitable for gardens up to 200m2.

The battery charge time is standard for most lithium batteries, taking two hours to charge at 100%. While not as quick to charge as some models, this is a good charge time for a mower in this price range.

You do get a dual charger with the mower, allowing both batteries to be charged at once. Just make sure you charge after each use and you should have plenty of juice to mow a lawn the size of a tennis court in one go.

Cutting Width

The 300R Li comes with a 30cm steel rotary blade, with a 34cm blade available for the larger 340R Li model. At 30cm, the cutting width is a great size for smaller gardens, and the deck design makes it great at cutting edges, making it a good choice for lawns with borders, edging, flower beds etc.

Expect the steel blade to maintain its sharpness for a long time, with the premium quality blade being durable enough that it will rarely need sharpened. It is also strong enough to withstand collisions with stones, so it is unlikely to get damaged if you accidently run over something.

Cutting Heights

The mower comes with three cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 65mm. While three heights are not as much as many other mowers, it should be okay for smaller lawns that don’t require too many height options, especially if you are a gardener that keeps on top of their mowing.

25mm is ideal for a close cut, letting you leave the lawn shorter as needed, such as during the summer months. The 65mm height setting is good for leaving longer length, such as during early spring and autumn, so it is easy to get the right height to ensure optimal lawn health.

One drawback is that you need to adjust the height settings manually using the spacer. This is less convenient than using a central lever switch, although only a minor issue at most. 


In terms of usability, the 300R Li has a few nice features that make mowing much easier. For instance, the mower only weighs 9.9kg, with the lightweight plastic deck ensuring the mower is not too heavy to push and pull across the lawn.

Anyone that struggles to move heavier objects or fatigues quickly when mowing will appreciate the lightweight design of this model, as it certainly improves the usability. As a result, this mower is an excellent option for elderly gardeners.

A dual handle design further improves usability, making it easy to get a good grip without straining your hands. This is also good for left handed users, with the ambidextrous handle providing great manoeuvrability in either hand, making the mower especially useful on irregular shaped lawns.

Large wheels help with manoeuvring the mower across all terrains, so if the grass gets long and overgrown it is still possible to navigate it. The large wheels and light weight of the mower also make it a good choice for sloped lawns, as it does not require much effort to move on uneven surfaces. 


The Flymo 300R Li is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry to and from storage. You do not even need to carry it though, as the handle adjusts into upright travel position, allowing you to pull it across your garden with ease.

Moreover, the foldable handles mean that you can also store the mower in a vertical position to save space, making it a great choice for those lacking storage space in their shed or garage.

Rear Roller, Edging, and Grass Box

Flymo 300R Li Mower grass box

A rear roller allows you to achieve an attractive stripped effect on the lawn with minimal effort. Simply pull the lawn mower back across the lawn to give it a stripe, alternating each pass to create the attractive stripped finish that many gardeners love.

There no mulching option, although there is a large 30L grass collector, meaning it will not need emptied until you are finished. Smaller lawns will struggle to fill the box with clippings, meaning you do not need to constantly stop and start the mower to empty it.  

As mentioned, the deck design allows the mower to get close to edges of the lawn, ensuring a clean cut across edges and borders. This means less trimming of those stray bits of grass along edging, which is always a hassle to deal with. It really does hold well when compared to competitors.


  • Lightweight so suitable for most gardeners
  • Dual handle makes it easy to manoeuvre
  • Good power for a smaller mower
  • 30 minutes of runtime is perfect for smaller lawns
  • Rear roller for an attractive striped finish


  • Two hour charge time is quite long
Flymo EasiStore 300R Li Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower - 40 V Battery (20 V x 2 Including Charger), 30...100
  • Utilises a powerful 40 V (2 x 20 V) battery so you can tackle your lawn with ease
Front & rear wheel diameter14cm

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