Flymo EasiStore 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 38 cm Cutting Width, 45 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Central Height Adjust, Space Saving Storage Features

Flymo lawn mowers continue to dominate the UK market, mainly due to their reliable performance, easy usability, and reasonable prices. Another reason is there are so many products to choose from that it is easy to find the right lawn mower for your garden, whether it is small or large, on flat or uneven terrain, well-maintained or a bit overgrown.

The Flymo EasisStore range is designed for lawns of varying sizes and conditions, with a strong focus on compact storage and a user-friendly design. The 380 R model is designed for use on large lawns, typically up to 400m2, offering lots of cutting power and speed while still being easy to operate for your average gardener.

Let’s take a closer look at the Flymo EasiStore 380R to see what is offers:


  • 1600W Electric Motor
  • 10m Cable
  • 38cm Cutting Width
  • 5 Cutting Heights (20mm to 60mm)
  • 45L Grass Box
  • Rear Roller
  • 12.6kg

Motor and Power

Flymo EasiStore 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 38 cm Cutting Width, 45 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Central Height Adjust, Space Saving Storage Features

There are three models in the Flymo EasiStore range, with the 380R being the most powerful with a robust 1600W electric motor. This motor enables the mower to be used on larger lawns, up to 400m2, providing that extra cutting speed and power that you need to quickly mow across larger surface areas.

As with all the latest Flymo mowers, the EasiStore 380R uses a brushless motor, making it more reliable and durable. Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors, ensuring optimal performance and a long-lasting motor that will not need replaced any time soon.

The cutting power of the mower is higher than most, mainly as it is intended for larger lawns that require extra to maintain. The lawn does not need to be well maintained for the mower to function properly either, as it has ample power for cutting through dense and overgrown grass, while also easily mowing through weeds and tough growth.

As with all corded mowers, the EasiStore 380R requires a connection to mains power to operate. It comes with a 10m cable, which is standard for most mowers and should offer enough reach to cover your entire lawn without restricting movement.

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Cutting Width

Because the EasiStore 380R is designed for larger lawns it requires an equally large cutting blade, with the 38cm steel blade being the perfect size for this. Anything smaller would make mowing on larger lawns much more time-consuming, so by using such a lengthy blade it ensures you are not spending too long cutting the grass.

At 38cm, the blade cuts through huge portions of the lawn with each pass. Even mowing on larger lawns does not require too much time, especially considering the high cutting power that makes quick work of most lawn growth.

Cutting Height

The Flymo EasiStore 380R comes with five cutting heights, ranging from 20mm to 60mm, increasing in 10mm increments with each position. This is the perfect number of blade heights for comprehensive lawn maintenance, giving you the option to mow at multiple heights to achieve the best finish in all situations.

For example, the 20mm setting is a low blade position that is great for achieving a close cut finish. If you love an attractive, well-maintained lawn then using these lower positions is recommended – just make sure you are not removing too much at once!

Sometimes it is better to leave the grass longer, such as if it has become overgrown after a long winter with no mowing. It is best to leave the grass longer when mowing, removing a short amount before gradually lowering the height to get a shorter finish.

In any case, the EasiStore 380R gives you all the settings you could need for lawn maintenance, whether you are a hands off gardener or someone that mows infrequently. All heights are adjusted using the central lever system at the front of the cutting deck, which is the most convenient way to reposition the blade on a lawn mower.  


Despite being a larger lawn mower, the EasiStore 380R is surprisingly lightweight at just 12.56g. This makes it easy to operate for most users, as it does not have too much weight behind it while there are large wheels for added support and stability.

Manoeuvring across the lawn is simple, with it taking little effort to push, pull, and turn the mower. The dual handle design certainly helps with this, letting you get the right grip for optimal handling, with many mowers only have right-handed power control.  

Using it on smaller lawns is possible although because it has a wide cutting deck it does take more effort to navigate across smaller surface areas. Providing you are using it on large and mid-size lawns there should be no problems moving the EasiStore 380R. 

Rear Roller, Grass Box, and Storage

Flymo EasiStore 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 38 cm Cutting Width, 45 Litre Grass Box, Close Edge Cutting, Rear Roller, Central Height Adjust, Space Saving Storage Features

The mower comes with a few features integrated into the cutting deck, including a rear roller that provides an attractive striped finish across the surface. To use this you simply pull the mower backwards across the lawn, alternating with each pass to create the appalling striped aesthetic.

There is also close edge cutting on the deck, with a flatter surface along the edge of the deck letting you get even closer along the lawn edge. This is especially useful for working along borders and flower beds, ensuring you do not need to go back later to trim anything the mower missed.

It has a 45L grass box that gathers and compacts a high volume of clippings, meaning it probably won’t need emptied until you are finished mowing.

As the name suggests, the EasiStore 380R is designed to provide easier storage. Simply fold the handles onto the deck, stand the mower vertically, and then hang it from grass box for streamlined storage. If you are short on storage space this is great feature as it takes so little room to store the mower.


  • Powerful motor can handle long and dense growth on large lawns
  • Lightweight and easy to operate despite larger size
  • Rear roller and edging allow for an attractive finish
  • Dual lever handles for comfortable operation
  • Spacious grass box with full indicator
  • Vertical storage design to save space


  • 10m cable may be too short for many large gardens so an extension cable may be required
Flymo EasiStore 380R Electric Rotary Lawn Mower - 38 cm Cutting Width, 45 Litre Grass Box, Close...100
  • Utilises a powerful 1600W motor so you can tackle your lawn with ease

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