Hyundai HYM510SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower Review

Hyundai petrol lawn mowers are some of the best-selling in the market. They are known for their exceptional engines, which use the same technology found in Hyundai vehicles, resulting in exceptional power and durability.

For those seeking a reliable petrol mower for larger lawns, the Hyundai HYM510SP is an excellent option. It features a robust engine, various cutting functions, and self-propelled operation, making it perfect for all kinds of lawn conditions here in the UK.

Throw in one of best warranties available, and it is clear to see why Hyundai lawn mowers like the HYM510SP is so popular. Let’s take a closer look at the HYM510SP to see what it offers:


  • Hyundai 196cc Petrol Engine
  • 6 Cutting Heights (25mm to 75mm)
  • 51cm Cutting Width
  • Self-Propelled
  • 4-in-1 Cutting System
  • 70L Grass Bag
  • Ergonomic Soft Grip Handles


Hyundai HYM510SP 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower Engine

The HYM510SP uses a Hyundai 139cc 4-stroke engine that offers incredible cutting speeds and power, making the mower suitable for larger lawns with tougher growth. Hyundai motors like this are known for their low emissions, with fuel economy going much further than many other petrol mower engines, making it operate for long period before needing refuelled.

Given the company manufacturers combustion engines for all kinds of vehicles, it is unsurprising the same quality is found in their petrol lawn mower engines. You don’t need to assemble any part of the engine, and the recoil start is mostly consistent, kicking the engine into life at the first try in most cases.

The mower engine also delivers power to the rear wheels for self-propelled functionality, making it much easier to operate – more on that in our usability section below! 

Finally, it is worth noting that this impressive engine also comes with a Hyundai 3-year platinum warranty, highlighting how much faith the manufacturer has in the durability of the engine. Make sure you take advantage of this, as not many mowers come with such a long warranty.

Cutting Blade

The mower is fitted with a lengthy 51cm cutting blade, making it suitable for larger lawns. You need a wide cutting range for larger lawns, as this helps to keep mowing time down to a minimum by mowing through large portions of the lawn in just one pass – anything too small means more time mowing.

51cm is one of the largest cutting widths available for a domestic mower, so people with larger sized lawns will certainly find this useful. The blade itself is made from premium quality steel, retaining its sharpness for a long time.  

Cutting Heights

With seven cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 75mm, the mower offers all the settings you need for year-round lawn maintenance. You need to use different blade heights depending on the condition of the lawn and the time of the year, so the more options a mower offers the easier it is to find the right settings throughout the year.

For example, the high blade positions are suitable for when the grass needs to be left longer, such as during peak summer when there is not much rain or for the first cut after a long winter.

Some people like a close cut finish for their lawn, leaving it with a similar appearance to a bowling green or golf course. Getting this finish is harder to achieve with fewer blade positions, so by having seven to choose from it should be easy to get the desired finish, whether it is well-maintained or just a basic trim.

All heights are adjusted using a central lever system, which simultaneously moves all four wheels to reposition the blade to the desired height.


One drawback of using petrol lawn mowers is that they heavy and cumbersome – a trade-off for all that raw power from the combustion engine. Thankfully, there is no such issue with the HYM510SP, which is self-propelled so effortless to operate, even if you typically struggle to work with heavy objects.

This feature signficantly improves usability of the mower, making it much easier to manoeuvre throughout the garden, especially on uneven terrain. You can easily push this mower uphill despite the fact it weighs a whopping 38.7kg!

Ergonomic handlebars further improve usability, offering comfortable grip for sustained use of the mower. Vibrations are low anyway thanks to the engine design, although even small amounts can often cause the wrists and hands to ache after mowing too long, so these soft grip significantly reduce this issue.

Large wheels offer great stability and balance, which is required when working on lawns with long and overgrown grass or on uneven terrain.

4-in-1 Cutting System

The Hyundai HYM510SP comes with a 4-in-1 cutting system, giving the option to use different functions depending on your requirements. These include the following cutting functions:

  • Cut and Collect: Standard function that cuts all clippings then gathers them into the 70L grass collector.
  • Rear Discharge: Cuts grass and then discharges clippings back onto the lawn from the rear of the mower.
  • Side Discharge: Cuts grass and then discharges clippings back onto the lawn from the side of the mower.
  • Cut and Mulch: Cuts grass into an even finer consistency and then discharges back onto the lawn from the bottom of the mower.

As you can see, these cutting modes offer plenty of options when mowing. Mulching is especially useful and a great to have on your mower, as it lets you convert grass clippings into a natural fertiliser, resulting in a healthier, more vibrant lawn.

If you don’t want to use this function, cut and collect is a standard mode that gathers cut grass into a large 70L grass collector, which you can then empty when you are finished mowing. 70L is a huge capacity and is unlikely to need emptied until you are done mowing, which does have a level indicator if you need to check how full it is.


  • High quality Hyundai petrol engine offers excellent performance and durability
  • Self-propelled for easy operation,
  • Various cutting modes available including mulching
  • Large grass collection box
  • Seven cutting heights let you achieve the desired finish


  • Recoil start can be tricky but is mostly reliable
Hyundai 196cc Petrol Lawnmower, 20" 51cm 4 Stroke, Self Propelled Petrol Mower, Easy Starting with...100
  • Powerful 196cc Hyundai 4-stroke petrol engine: Provides easy starting and low fuel consumption

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