Mcculloch M46-120R Petrol Lawn Mower Review

The McCulloch M46-120R Classic is a mid-size petrol lawn mower from British manufacturer McCulloch. Fitted with a compact engine that offers ample power, it is an excellent mower for large size gardens, being capable of cutting through that tougher growth common in many UK gardens and landscapes.

As a self-propelled model it requires little effort to move around, making it suitable for both flat and uneven lawns, with the petrol engine doing all the heavy moving for you. Made with a robust steel body, the McCulloch M46-120R is a durable mower that will last for many years, making it an excellent investment for anyone with a large lawn that has demanding mowing requirements.

Lets take a closer look at the McCulloch M46-120R to see what it has to offer:


  • 120cc 4-Stroke Petrol Engine
  • 46cm Cutting Width
  • 6 Cutting Heights (30mm to 80mm)
  • Self-Propelled
  • 50L Grass Collector
Mcculloch M46-120R


The M46-120R is a medium sized petrol mower featuring a compact McCulloch 120cc OHV engine. This engine delivers 2900rpm of power to the cutting blade, resulting in excellent cutting quality, even in tougher conditions such as long or wet grass.

The engine also delivers power to the rear wheels, making it virtually effortless to move around the lawn, with a single speed setting to ensure consistent mowing speeds. This engine is protected by a robust powder coated steel chassis, ensuring optimal protection to keep maintenance down to a minimum – some minor cleaning and oiling is needed to maintain engine quality over time.

A 0.8L fuel tank is a good capacity for a petrol mower, providing the engine with enough fuel to mow an area of roughly 1000m2 in one tank. This is a huge area for most domestic lawns, while the mower is also suitable for larger landscapes such as public areas, private land etc.

Cutting Blade

The M46-120R features a high lift blade measuring 46cm, offering an excellent width of cut for those larger surface areas. When working on larger lawns it is important to use a mower with a suitably sized blade, otherwise it will take far too long to mow in a single session.

46cm is ideal for most large lawns while also being versatile enough that it works well in mid-size lawns, not being too wide or cumbersome to manoeuvre. The blade itself is incredibly sharp, with a keen edge that produces a clean cut across the grass, leaving an attractive finish that also encourages healthy regrowth.

Cutting Heights

You always want to choose a petrol lawnmower with several cutting heights to accommodate the various conditions your lawn will be in throughout the year. With six height setting ranging from 30mm to 80mm, the mower offers a comprehensive selection of blade heights for year-round mowing in all conditions.

For example, the lower settings are great for when you want a close-cut finish, leaving a well-manicured lawn that will be the envy of your neighbours. However, if you are working with longer grass you want to start the blade at a higher position, lowering it gradually with each subsequent mow to eventually get a close cut finish without scalping the lawn.

With six options to choose from, all preferences are covered, meaning you can get an attractive finish to the lawn no matter its current condition or environment. All heights are adjusted using the central lever system on the cutting deck – just pull the lever at the rear wheel and the blade height is adjusted accordingly.


With a robust engine and steel chassis, the M46-120R is understandably heavier than many other mowers, weighing 29kg. This is obviously going to be almost impossible to manoeuvre without some assistance, which is where the M46-120R’s self-propelled system comes into play.

The engine delivers power to the rear wheels of the mower, helping to offset the heavier weight by doing all the moving for you. This means the mower does not feel heavy or cumbersome to use, even if you struggle to lift heavier objects, making the M46-120R especially useful for mowing on lawns with inclines.

The handles don’t have any soft padded to reduce the impact from vibrations, although the handle design is user-friendly in that the power lever can be held from any position. This helps when moving the mower around tight spots or turning corners, allowing you to maintain power even if using one hand.

It does use a recoil start system, which some users find tricky to get the hang off, although it is easy enough to master after a few tries. The recoil start is highly responsive so starts the engine at the first time of asking in most instances.

Larger rear wheels offer good stability, keeping the mower balanced when mowing across longs with difficult terrain, such as longer grass or sloped areas.

Grass Collection and Storage

Mcculloch M46-120R grass bag

The M46-120R uses a single cut and collect system, with the mower blade cutting the grass and then discharging it to the rear, where it gathers into a spacious 50L grass collector. The grass bag is made from a soft fabric, meaning you can easily remove it and fold it down for more compact storage.

Speaking of storage, the mower is fairly compact for a petrol model, although it will require some space to store properly. The handlebar folds down onto the cutting deck, reducing the mower’s size to help make storage easier.  

As there is only one cutting system in place, the mower does not have a mulching function unlike many petrol mowers. There is also no rear roller, although this is quite uncommon for most petrol lawnmowers.


  • Robust engine with high torque delivers plenty of cutting power and speed
  • Self-propelled to make mowing much easier
  • Six cutting heights for year round mowing
  • Massive grass collector
  • Folds for more compact storage


  • Engine does not have a hose pipe attachment for easier cleaning

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