Mountfield Petrol Lawn Mower Review

Mountfield is a renowned British hardware manufacturer, being a staple in the garden equipment market for over 50 years. The company produces all kinds of outdoor and gardening hardware, including ride-on lawn mowers, petrol lawn mowers, tillers, multi-tools, and much more.

Their petrol lawn mowers are especially popular, being some the best-selling products on the market. Known for their reliable performance, impressive durability, and excellent prices, Mountfield mowers are certainly worth an investment if you want an excellent product for your lawn maintenance.

The Mountfield HP185 is a mid-size petrol mower suitable for both medium and large size gardens. It comes with a powerful Briggs and Stratton engine, 6 cutting heights, and 3-in-1 cutting system for optimal lawn maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at the Mountfield HP185 to see what it has to offer:

Mountfield HP185 Features

  • 125cc Briggs & Stratton 300 Series Petrol Engine
  • 46cm Cutting Width
  • 6 Cutting Heights (22mm to 65mm)
  • Push-Propelled
  • 60L Grass Collector
  • 3-in-1 Cutting System
  • Ergonomic Handle


Mountfield HP185 engine

The Mountfield HP185 uses a 135cc Briggs & Stratton 300 Series engine, offering exceptional cutting power for the rotary mower.

Its engine delivers all the torque directly to the cutting blade, with it being a self-propelled model that doesn’t use the engine to power the wheels, providing exceptional cutting quality that is suitable for lawns of varying conditions.

The engine features a 0.4L fuel tank, which is a mid-size tank that delivers good mileage, with the mower capable of cutting through medium and large size lawns with a single tank.

As it is a 4-stroke engine, you do not need to mix fuel and oil, with separate compartments for each component. Petrol goes in the fuel tank and then engine oil will be used in the separate sump on the deck.

Briggs & Stratton engines are highly regarded for their performance and durability, with the 300 Series also being compact and lightweight to keep the mower weight to a minimum. It is a quiet engine that requires minor maintenance, with regular cleaning and engine oil the only requirement to keep it working well for years to come.

Cutting Blade

Mountfield HP185 cutting blade

This petrol lawnmower is fitted with a 46cm cutting blade, made from high quality steel to produce a consistent cut across the lawn. 46cm is a great blade length for working in medium and large size lawns, giving a wide cutting range without being too small or large that it is difficult to manoeuvre the mower.

It mows swathes of grass in each pass, allowing you to keep mowing times down to a minimum, avoiding the hassle of needing to refuel before you finish. The blade retains a sharp edge for a long time, while replacement blades are available for a low price should it lose its sharpness over time.

Cutting Height

The HP185 offers six total cutting heights ranging from 22mm to 65mm. Adjusting the blade position is quick and easy using the central lever system found on the cutting deck, which requires you to move the lever to adjust the wheels, moving the blade to the required height.

Mountfield HP185 cutting height

Five blade heights options are a good range for your average gardener, letting you leave the grass shorter or longer depending on the weather conditions, lawn length, and other factors that influence its current condition.

For example, if you are mowing frequently during peak growing season, you may want to mow the grass shorter, keeping the blade position lower and mowing the grass a few times a week. This will help create a well-maintained appearance while also giving the lawn optimal growing conditions, resulting in healthier, greener grass.

Some people don’t want to mow that frequently though, in which case high blade heights are a great option. They let you remove a healthy amount from the grass without scalping it, which is highly recommended for grass that has become overgrowth.

In any case, you get various options to suit all requirements, whether you are a hands-on gardener or someone that mows infrequently.


While the HP185 is not a self-propelled lawn mower, it is not the most difficult to operate, thanks in part to its relatively lightweight design. It weighs 26kg, which is a reasonably light weight for a petrol mower, with many models weighing 10-20kg more than this.

As a result, operating the mower is not that challenging, with it taking little effort to push and pull across lawns. It does get more challenging when pushing uphill, with some users likely to find this too heavy, in which case the self-propelled version the SP185 is a great alternative. If you are in this category you may want to consider lighter petrol models.

Most people will not have any issues manoeuvring the HP185 across their lawn. It turns quickly and won’t require all your strength to operate for long periods.

The handlebars are ergonomically designed for comfortable operation, allowing you to get a firm grip on the starter lever, which turns of instantly once you let go. Its easy to maintain control using the handles, although there is no padding to reduce vibrations on the hands, although the vibrations are minimal.  

3-in-1 Cutting System

The HP185 features a 3-in-1 cutting system, giving you a few options when mowing the lawn. The first is the standard cut and collect, with the mower cutting the grass and discharging the clippings into the grass collector at the rear of the mower.

The second is the same function but instead of discharging into the grass bag it discharges directly onto the lawn from the rear of the mower.

Finally, there is a mulching plug that allows the mower to cut grass into even finer consistency, discharging it back onto the lawn from the rear. This is an excellent feature that lets you feed your lawn with free fertiliser, with the clippings breaking down into the soil to deliver an added boost of nutrients. 


  • Excellent Briggs and Stratton 300 Series engine
  • Three cutting options that includes mulching
  • Six cutting heights
  • Spacious 60L grass collector
  • Ergonomic handles


  • No padding on handles

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