Mountfield 294340063/M13 Princess 34 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower, 1400 W

Mountfield is a manufacturer of lawn mowers that has gained a great reputation for their impressive petrol mowers, particularly their ride-on models designed for professional landscaping. The company has also branched into the electric mower market, with the Princess range of mowers quicky becoming some of the most highly rated rotary mowers currently available.

The Princess 34 is the mid-size offering of this range, being suitable for small to medium size lawns, making it ideal for most average size lawns here in the UK. Moreover, it comes with fantastic cutting power and speed, easy usability, and some welcome features that are not often included in mowers in this price range.

Let’s take a closer look at the Mountfield M13 Prince 34 Electric lawn mower to see what it offers:


  • 1400W Electric Motor
  • 34cm Cutting Width
  • 15m Cable
  • 6 Cutting Heights (25mm to 75mm)
  • Integrated Rear Roller
  • Front Anti-Scalping Plate
  • Mulching Plug
  • 35L Grass Collector

Motor and Power

The Mountfield Princess 34 is equipped with a robust 1400W electric motor. This offers impressive cutting power and speed, especially for a more compact mower designed for small and mid-size lawns, being suitable for grass that is both overgrown and damp.

Smaller mowers often struggle to handle to tougher growth, making it a good option for people that don’t mow their lawn every week. You can leave your lawn several weeks without mowing it and the mower will easily cut through that longer growth.

Given many people don’t get the chance to mow regularly, usually due to the poor British weather conditions, it’s nice to have a mower than performs well in less maintained lawns.

While the power means it can work decently in larger lawns, we do not recommend using this particular model, as the 34cm cutting blade is too short for a large lawn. If your lawn is larger, there are models with wider blades available.

As with all corded mowers, it requires a connection to mains power to operate, with a sizable 15m power cable included. This is longer than your average cable, meaning you can move more freely while mowing.

Mountfield 294340063/M13 Princess 34 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower, 1400 W

Cutting Width

The mower features a 34cm steel cutting blade, which is a great size for smaller lawns and mid-size lawns. Thanks to the impressive motor, the blade rotates at high speeds to better cut through grass, especially growth that is long and dense.

It provides a high quality cut on all lawn types, cleanly cutting through the grass to leave a uniform finish across the surface. A unique feature of this mower is that there is an anti-scalping plate at the front of the mower, ensuring the blade does not accidently cut too deep into the lawn leaving it scalped.

As previously mentioned, the 34cm width is not best suited for larger lawns, although there are models with wider blades (38cm and 42cm) that are well suited for this.

Cutting Heights

The more cutting heights a lawn mower offers the better, so the fact that the Princess 34 includes six cutting heights is great. These heights range from 25mm to 75mm, giving various options for the blade position, allowing you to get the perfect finish no matter the lawn’s condition.

For example, lower blade positions are great for when you want to leave grass short, which is preferable for many people seeking the ornamental finish to their lawn. Other times you to leave it a bit longer, such as during the first few mows of the season, which is where higher blade positions become useful.

No mater what you need, having six options means all bases are covered. You can easily adjust these through a lever on the cutting deck, which is the quickest and most efficient method for repositioning the blade height. 

Mountfield 294340063/M13 Princess 34 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower, 1400 W


The Princess 34 is designed for use on smaller lawns so is not the largest mower, making it incredibly easy to use. Weighing just 13kg, it does not require much strength or effort to move, so you can manoeuvre throughout the garden with ease.

Another great feature to help with usability is the mower’s handle. The dual handle design features power buttons on each side, making it much easier to maintain the power supply while moving around the mower. You can even use it with one hand, such as when making sharp turns around corners.

An integrated carry handle also helps with transporting the mower. Found on the middle the cutting deck, you can grab and carry the mower to and from storage, with the lightweight design making it incredibly easy.

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Grass Collector, Rear Roller, and Mulching Plug

The Mountfield Princess 34 comes with some nice additional features beyond the basic mowing function, including a rear roller and mulching plug.

The rear roller is integrated at the back of the mower deck, allowing you to create a striped effect on the lawn by pulling it backwards, alternating with each pass to produce several stripes. If you like an attractive finish to your lawn then this feature is certainly welcome.

A mulching plug allows the more to better shred the grass clippings, cutting them into much finer debris that is then distributed onto the lawn. These fine clippings break down quickly into the soil, giving the lawn a nutritional boost without needing any fertiliser products.

If you don’t want to mulch clippings then simply leave on the grass collector to gather up all the loose debris. It comes with a 35L capacity, which is large enough to hold most lawn clippings without needing to stop and empty it before you are finished mowing.


  • Powerful 1600W motor can cut through tougher lawns with ease
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Anti-scalping to prevent accidental scalping
  • Rear roller to create a striped finish
  • Mulching function lets you use grass clippings as natural lawn feed
  • 15m power cable longer than most other mowers


  • Handles only partially fold so may not be the most compact for storage
Mountfield Princess 34 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower100
  • Hand propelled rear roller mains electric lawnmower for that striped effect finish

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