Murray  37 cm Cordless Lawn Mower IQ18WM37 Review

While the UK lawn mower market is dominated by British and European brands like Flymo and Bosch, there is certainly merit in considering brands from further afield. Murray is one such brand, with the US manufacturer offering an excellent range of garden tools for the UK market, including the impressive IQ18WM37 cordless lawn mower.

Designed for use in medium and large gardens, the IQ18WM37 comes with an innovative dual battery design to offer improved runtime and cutting power. Combined with an ergonomic design, various setting options, and a reasonable price point, the IQ18WM37 is well worth consideration for anyone seeking a reliable cordless mower for a larger garden.

Let’s take a closer look at the Murray IQ18WM37 to see what it has to offer:


  • Two 18V 2.5Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 37cm Cutting Width
  • 7 Cutting Heights (25mm to 75mm)
  • Two Cutting Options
  • 40L Grass Box
  • Batteries Interchange with Other Murray Power Tools

Battery and Motor

Murray Cordless Lawn Mower 46V battery

The Murray IQ18WM37 is in powered by a Briggs and Stratton dual batteries. These power the brushless electric motor, which is a more advanced motor system for improved runtime and performance. The brushless design means a quieter and more durable motor, not to mention excellent cutting power in various conditions.

Fitted with two 18V 2.5Ah batteries, it has a runtime of up to 32 minutes in ideal conditions, which is enough to mow a large lawn up to 425m2 in a single charge. Most UK gardens have lawns smaller than this, so it should be enough runtime for most people.

There is dual charging station included to charge the batteries simultaneously. Despite there being two batteries, the charging time is just 55 minutes, which is quite impressive given some brands take up to two hours to charge a single battery.  

Better still, these 18V batteries are interchangeable with other Murray garden tools. This range includes a strimmer, hedge trimmer, and leaf blower, meaning you could save a lot of money by purchasing these tools without batteries, using the batteries for your mower instead.


Cutting Width

As it is designed for lawns up to 435m2, the IQ18WM37 comes with a longer 37cm cutting blade. You need a longer blade like this when working in larger areas as it makes the task much quicker, removing more grass with each pass to reduce mowing time.

The high performance engine helps to provide lots of cutting power for the steel blade, ensuring a clean and even cut across the lawn, even in denser and overgrown gardens. There is also a larger model available with a wider cutting blade if this blade still seems too small for your lawn.

Cutting Height

Murray 36v Cordless Lawn Mower cutting height lever

With seven cutting heights available you have all the necessary settings to mow lawns of varying condition. The more cutting heights a more offers the better, as you can adjust the setting to accommodate the length of the grass at different times of the year.

For instance, you typically want to keep grass shorter in the summer when you are mowing more frequently, which is when lower height settings are suitable. The IQ18WM37 lowest setting starts at 25mm, which is close to the ground and a good option for well-manicured lawns.

Conversely, higher settings are often used in early spring and autumn when the grass is growing less frequently so can be left longer. It is also a good idea not to remove too much grass each mow, so if your lawn is a bit longer you can use the higher blade settings to keep the lawn looking healthy.

Seven heights are more than a lot of mowers offer, and these are easily accessible through the lever on the central cutting deck. Anyone that wants a well-maintained lawn throughout the year will benefit from models like this that provide so many different height settings.


Using mowers that are designed for larger lawns can be challenging for some, as they tend to be heavier and bulkier. However, the IQ18WM37 does not have these issues, being a lightweight mower (13.5kg) with a compact design, especially for mowers in this size range.

Moving the mower around the garden is easy, requiring little effort to manoeuvre around tight corners or on uneven terrain. Oversize rear wheels (25cm) also help with this, making it especially easier to operate on slopped gardens.

The handles come with extra padding to help reduce vibrations from the motor, meaning you should be able to use for the full 30 minutes without feeling aches or fatigued. Also, the handles are ergonomically designed for simpler operation, even being adjustable to three settings to accommodate different heights and posture.

Murray 36v ergo handles

Grass Bag and Storage

At 40L, the grass bag include with the lawn mower is ideal for catching clippings from larger lawns. It has ample capacity so will probably not need emptied until you are finished mowing, even if the grass is on the longer side.

Interestingly, the mower comes with two cutting settings. One is for the standard cut and collect, gathering clippings into the bag for easy disposable, while the other simply discharges the clippings at the rear of the mower.

We doubt many people will use the discharge option, as it does not mulch the clippings, so leaving them on the lawn may not be the best for its health. That said, it is nice to have the option for this!

The mower is also foldable for easier storage, with the handles folding down onto the mower deck for more compact storage. Anyone tight on storage space will appreciate this, especially considering the mower is suitable for larger lawns, which tend to be bulkier and harder to store.  


  • Dual battery design offers 30 minutes of runtime
  • Simultaneous battery charging saves time
  • Ergonomic handle is adjustable
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Large grass collector


  • No mulching function despite there being a discharge option

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