Murray 2691584 EC370 37 cm Electric Corded Lawn Mower, Push, 5 Years Warranty

Our findings are that the Murray C370 is a powerful lawn mower designed for larger lawns here in the UK, while its impressive features make a great choice for anyone that takes the time and effort to get that perfect lawn.

Murray lawn mowers are renowned for their power and versatility, being a great option for hands-on gardeners that mow their lawn frequently and want a reliable machine up to the task.

Packed with a robust motor and large cutting blade, you can easily work in larger lawns with tougher growth using this mower, which also comes with a nice selection of cutting heights to achieve the perfect finish throughout the year.

Perhaps most impressively, this lawn mower comes with an incredible 5 year warranty for residential use. This is certainly appealing for anyone that wants the best value for money, as there are few mowers that come with such a lengthy warranty.

Let’s take a closer look at the EC370 to see what it offers:

Murray EC370 Features  

  • 1600W Electric Motor
  • 37cm Cutting Width
  • 7 Cutting Heights (25mm to 75mm)
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Integrated Grass Combs
  • Mulching Function
  • 40L Grass Bag
  • 5 Year Warranty

Motor and Power

Murray EC370 spec and features

The Murray EC370 is equipped with a robust 1600W electric motor that provides exceptional cutting power and speed which are our field tests confirmed. This mower packs plenty of punch, making it suitable for lawns of varying condition, whether it is overgrown, weedy, damp, or generally unkept.

Many lawn mowers struggle with poor conditioned lawns, so if you require that extra power and performance to maintain your lawn then the EC370 is certainly worth consideration.

Furthermore, if you are working on an especially large lawn, then this is a great lawn mower compared to other similar electric machines. With ample cutting power and wide cutting blade, the EC370 is designed to work on those extra large lawns, being suitable for an area up t 600m2!

There are not many mowers designed for lawns of this size, so the EC370 stands out amongst many of its competitors. In fact, many people end up buying petrol mowers to deal with lawns of this size, so it is great to have the option for an electric model that is easier to use and maintain while producing no emissions.

As it is a corded mower you need to plug it into mains power, with a 10m cable offering plenty of reach. Some gardens may be too large for this, especially given that the mower is intended for use on the largest sized lawns, although you can easily use an extension cord to avoid any issues with this.

Cutting Width

As the EC370 is designed for large lawns the cutting blade needs to be a reasonable size, otherwise it removes so little with each that it can take forever to finish mowing. Thankfully, the EC370 comes with a large 37cm cutting blade, which is ideal for use on large lawns.

The blade is wide enough that it removes a large portion with each pass, helping to keep mowing times down. This does mean that the mower deck is naturally much wider, especially compared to some other mowers, so it is not best used on smaller lawns as moving it in tight spaces is more challenging.

It should be fine on medium size lawns (around 300m2), taking even less time to mow a lawn of this size, although there may be cheaper mowers that do the job just as well.

Cutting Heights

Murray EC370 cutting height selector

As mentioned, the EC370 is a good lawn mower for hands-on gardeners that want a well-maintained lawn. For this you need a varied selection of cutting heights for seasonal mowing, as there are points throughout the year where the grass length differs so you want to mow it to different lengths.

This mower certainly delivers on this front, offering an incredible seven cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 75mm. Having so many options mean you can get the perfect blade position no matter how long or short your grass is.

Sometimes you need to keep the grass longer when you mow it, such as during the first mow of the season, which is where you want to keep the blade position higher. After the first mow, you can start to lower the blade position each week, removing grass in small increments to encourage vigorous regrowth.

So, by having so many height options for the blade, it is easier to mow the lawn to the perfect height throughout the entire year, leaving it healthy and attractive.


Despite being a larger mower the EC370 is still easy to operate. It weighs 14kg, which is quite light for a mower designed for larger lawns, while the large rear wheels help increase stability to make it easier to manoeuvre.

Granted, some users may find this too heavy and cumbersome, although it remains one of the lightest mowers suitable for large lawns.

Ergonomic handles further improved usability, with soft grip padding minimising the impact of the vibrations from the robust motor, allowing you to mow for long periods without feeling fatigued or achy.

Mulching, Grass Box, and Grass Combs

Murray EC370 cutting Grassbox

The EC370 comes with a nice selection of features, including a grass comb for edging along the lawn. These combs are integrated into the sides of the cutting deck, catching loose grass along edging to save the hassling of going back to trim it manually – a great feature for anyone with edging, fences, borders etc., along their lawn.

It also comes with a mulching function, which lets you shred the grass clippings into much finer material before redistributing it across the lawn. These clippings break down into a nautral lawn feed, giving your lawn a welcome boost of nutrients – this saves you money buying lawn feed from a shop!

If you do not want to use the mulching function, there is also a large 40L grass collector bag. It’s a foldable bag for easier storage and has a huge capacity for all the clippings from a larger lawn, although we already recommend using mulching as it will leave your lawn healthier in the long run.


  • Powerful 1600W motor is great for mowing long, dense, and weedy lawns
  • Mulching function lets you feed lawn using grass clippings
  • Grass combs for a neat finish along lawn edging
  • Seven cutting heights with smaller increments for more efficient mowing
  • Ergonomic handles make operation much easier
  • Comes with an impressive 5 year warranty


  • On the heavier side but still light for a mower designed for the largest sized lawns

Murray 2691584 EC370 37 cm Electric Corded Lawn Mower, Push, 5 Years Warranty, Black100
  • Cut tall grass easily with the powerful 1600 watt electric motor featuring soft start.

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