Murray EQ700X 21 Inch 53 cm Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower Review

After being purchased by American mower manufacturer Briggs and Stratton in 2014, Murray Garden Tools have developed a range of powerful petrol lawn mowers using the highly renowned Briggs and Stratton petrol engines.

These mowers come with some of the most impressive cutting power on the market, not to mention being highly durable and reliable in even the toughest lawn conditions. Given that the UK weather can make long and damp grass common in many gardens, a reliable Murray petrol lawn mower can be the perfect solution.

The Eq700X is the most powerful Murray petrol mower currently available. Fitted with a massive 161cc Briggs and Stratton motor, this feature-packed lawnmower comes with almost unrivalled power, making it the perfect solution for the largest lawns, especially those with longer grass.

Let’s take a look at the Murray EQ700X to see what it offers:


  • Briggs & Stratton 161cc Petrol Engine
  • 53cm Cutting Blade
  • 6 Cutting Heights (28mm-92mm)
  • 4-in-1 Cutting System
  • Self-Propelled
  • Engine Wash Port
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • 70L Grass Collector


The EQ700X is fitted with one of the largest, most powerful Briggs and Stratton petrol engines on the market, with a 750EX Series DOV engine powering the mower. This 161cc engine gives the mower exceptional cutting power and speed (up to 3.6km/h), with it capable of cutting through even the toughest lawn conditions.

Long, dense, and wet lawns are no match for this raw power, making the mower perfect for the largest lawns – it can work in surface areas up to 2000m2. This means it is suited for even the largest gardens in the country, even being capable of some professional landscaping tasks too.

While the 161cc engine offers a lot of power, this does not come at the expense of noise or vibrations. The mower produces just 91dB of noise, making it incredibly quiet for a petrol lawn mower, so you will not need to worry about creating too much noise when mowing.

This is due to the DOV (direct overhead valve) design of the engine, which helps to reduce sound and vibrations, while also providing exceptional torque for the best cutting experience.

Another nice feature of the engine is the inclusion of a wash port connection. This lets you connect a garden hose to the mower deck to easily wash it, with regular cleaning helping to better maintain the engine over the long term.

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Cutting Blade

The mower comes fitted with a 53cm high lift cutting blade, which is the ideal size for working on the largest surface areas, cutting through a large portion of the lawn in a single pass. The high lift design means the blade is slightly curved, making it better suited at mowing through long and damp grass without clogging around the blade or base of the deck.

The blade itself is razor sharp, producing a clean and precise cut across the grass, even if it is wet or longer. You can replace this blade easily enough, with Murray selling replacement blades for a decent, while you can also sharpen the blade if preferred.

These are unlikely to be needed for some time though, as the blade is high quality and incredibly durably, retaining its sharpness for a long time.

Murray EQ700X Lawnmower
Murray EQ700X

Cutting Heights

The EQ700X comes with six cutting heights ranging from 28mm to 92mm, giving a wide range of heights to accommodate all your mowing needs. The lower settings are great for those instances when you want the lawn to be short and well-maintained, such as during peak growing season when you are mowing more frequently.

Higher settings are perfect for those situations where the grass is longer so you need a high blade position to avoid removing too much at once and preventing clogging. This is especially useful for tackling long damp grass on lesser maintained lawns.


Murray EQ700X 21 Inch mower UK
Murray EQ700X wheels

Petrol lawn mowers such as the EQ700X are more powerful and robust to accommodate tougher mowing conditions, although this means they are also heavier in weight. The EQ700X is no exception, weighing a heavy 38kg.

Make no mistake – this would be far too challenging to operate by push propulsion as it is simply too heavy for most users.

Thankfully, the mower engine features self-propulsion, meaning the mower does all the heavy moving for you. It requires virtually no effort to push and pull around the lawn, letting you mow large surface areas with the greatest of ease.

This will feel like using an electric mower, ensuring easier mowing without feeling fatigued or achy from prolonged use. Given that larger lawns take much longer to mow, this is a necessary feature that significantly improves usability.

Larger rear wheels also improve stability, making it easier to manoeuvre in tighter spots and uneven surfaces. In fact, you can certainly use the EQ700X uphill without feeling the hefty weight of the mower, making it a good choice for anyone with hilly or sloped gardens.  

The ergonomic handles also help with comfortable operation, with the padded handlebars reducing the impact of the vibrations from the engine, which are quite low to begin with. You can also adjust the handles to three positions to find one that is suitable for your height and posture.

4-in-1 Cutting System  

The EQ700X features a 4-in-1 cutting system that covers all your mowing requirements. This includes side and rear discharges, bag collect, and mulching. Mulching requires you to insert a plug into the mower deck, which is quick and easy to do and well worth it if you want to fertilise the lawn with clippings.

We recommend doing this as it significantly improves lawn health, making lawns greener and weed-free while encouraging robust root systems. If you want to dispose of clippings instead, the massive 70L grass collector means you probably won’t need to empty often until you are finished mowing. 


  • One of the most powerful petrol mowers available
  • Perfect for the largest sized lawns
  • Easily cuts long, dense, and wet grass
  • Low vibration and noise
  • 4-in-1 cutting system includes mulching function
  • Self-propelled for easier operation


Higher price point but this is reflected in the engine quality and range of features

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