P1PE P5100SPE Petrol lawn mower review

Position One Power Equipment, better known as P1PE, is a manufacturer of various types of power tools and hardware. Their gardening tools have gained a positive reputation, known their excellent power and reliability, with the P5100SPE petrol lawn mower being a popular choice for those that want complete control over their lawn.

Fitted with a huge Hyundai petrol engine, the P5100SPE offers four cutting modes and seven cutting heights, giving you all the settings you need to get the perfectly tailored lawn. Those seeking a well maintained lawn benefit from having multiple settings on their mower, as lawn conditions vary over the year, meaning different settings are needed to produce optimal growing conditions.

The P5100SPE offers just that, with a huge selection of settings and features that make it perfect for the gardening enthusiasts seeking a beautifully maintained lawn. Let’s take a closer look at the P5100SPE to see what it offers:

P1PE P5100SPE Features

  • Hyundai 173cc 6hp Petrol Engine
  • 51cm Cutting Width
  • 7 Cutting Heights (25-85mm)
  • Self-Propelled
  • 4-in-1 Cutting System
  •  Ergonomic Handle
  • 60L Grass Collector


The P5100SPE petrol mower features a robust Hyundai 173cc 4-stroke OHV petrol engine, providing it with exceptional cutting power that makes it suitable for medium and large size lawns. The engine has a 1.1 litre fuel tank, offering a high fuel capacity, that when combined with the engine’s excellent fuel economy, means more time mowing on a single tank of petrol.

While it does have a recoil stater to power the engine, the mower also comes with an electronic starter, providing instant starting without needing to pull the recoil cord several times. The recoil start is there as a backup, as the electric starter only functions when the engine battery is fully charged.

The engine delivers power to both the mower blade and rear wheels. While this often means a loss of cutting power, the huge engine size accommodates for any possible power loss, offering ample power to both cut and help manoeuvre the P5100SPE.

Like any good petrol mower, the P5100SPE’s engine makes it better equipped for mowing long, weedy, and wet grass without dropping in performance.

Cutting Blade

Fitted with a 51cm steel cutting blade, the P5100SPE offers a wide cutting diameter that is suitable for medium and large size lawns. This is necessary when working on large lawns, as you want to keep mowing time down by cutting as much grass as possible with a single pass, which is exactly what the huge 51cm blade provides.

It is even better in medium size lawns, removing huge swathes in a single pass, significantly lowering the time spent mowing. The mowing deck is larger to accommodate this blade, so turning in narrower lawns may be difficult.

Cutting Width

The P5100SPE offers seven adjustable positions for the cutting blade, with heights ranging from 25mm to 85mm. This is ideal for year-round mowing, letting you adjust the blade position to a suitable height for the lawn on any given day.

There are days where the lawn will be overgrown so you’ll want to use a high blade position, gradually lowering it with each subsequent mow until it is suitably shorter. With a high blade position of 85mm, the P5100SPE is perfect for cutting through longer grass on overgrown lawns without the blade or deck clogging.

The lower height positions are suitable for creating a close-cut finish, so if you want an ornamental style lawn or just like grass much shorter, these lower positions are well suited to the task.

All blade heights are adjusted using the central lever system on the mower deck. This lets you quickly change the blade height as you mow, which may be needed on larger lawns where grass height often varies.


At 47kg, the P5100SPE is one of the heaviest petrol mowers available. Thankfully, this does not matter too much when you are mowing as this is a self-propelled petrol mower, meaning the engine also power the rear wheels to help offset the heavy weight when you mow.

This makes the mower effortless to use, despite its heavier weight. It easily moves uphill, making it great for sloped lawns, while you can manoeuvre it around tighter spots without much effort. You just need to hold the lever on the handlebar and the mower will do all the work, saving you putting any stress on the back, legs, wrists etc.

Speaking of the handlebar, it has an ergonomic design to ensure comfortable operation, while the padded grips also reduce vibrations from the engine.

P1PE P5100SPE cutting height
P1PE P5100SPE features and spec

4-in-1 Cutting System

The P5100SPE comes with a 4-in-1 cutting system, meaning you can use various cutting modes depending on your needs. This is great news for people that want a lot of contorl over their lawn growth, as you can use different modes to accommodate the unique requirements your lawn has throughout the year.

The following cutting modes are available with the P5100SPE:

  • Cut and Collect: A standard cutting mode that cuts the grass and then discharges it into the grass collector bag at the rear of the mower.
  • Cut and Drop: Cuts the grass and then discharges back onto the lawn from the base of the mower deck.
  • Cut and Side Discharge: Cuts the grass and then discharges back onto the lawn from the side of the mower deck.
  • Cut and Mulch: Cuts the grass into finer pieces and then discharges back onto the lawn from the bottom of the deck.

The mulching function is great for lawn health, with the finer pieces of grass easily breaking down into the soil. These then release nutrients into the root system of the lawn grass, encouraging healthier root and grass development, more vibrant grass, and fewer weeds on the lawn.

So, if you want a beautiful lawn free from weeds, you can take advantage of this excellent feature. This also saves the hassle of emptying the grass collector or raking up your clippings from the lawn surface.


Features a powerful and durable Hyundai petrol engine

Exceptional cutting power and speed suitable for lawns of any condition

Four cutting modes available including mulching

Self-propelled for easier operation

7 cutting heights


Transporting from storage can be tricky due to its heavier weight.

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