Sprint is a manufacturer of various garden tools, including a range of affordable petrol lawn mowers, providing a reliable option for lawn maintenance without breaking the bank.

Their range of petrol mowers are powered by Briggs and Stratton engines, which are renowned for their exceptional performance, being some of the most powerful and durable petrol engines available.

The Spring 460SP is an entry-level petrol mower that is ideal for most UK gardens. With a lot of cutting power it can easily handle those tougher lawn conditions, while its lightweight design and simple operation make it easy to use for most people – something that cannot be said for every petrol mower.

Let’s take a closer look at the Sprint 460SP petrol mower to see what it offers:


  • Briggs and Stratton 300E 125cc Petrol Engine
  • 40cm Cutting Width
  • 6 Cutting Heights (35mm to 85mm)
  • 2-in-1 Cutting System
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • 45L Grass Collector


SPRINT 410P Mower Engine

Like many petrol mowers, Sprint outsource their engines to renowned US manufacturer Briggs and Stratton, with the 460SP fitted the 300E series motor. The 300E engine is a single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled 125cc engine that uses Briggs and Stratton’s innovative OHV (overhead vale) technology for improved performance and reduced noise.

This offers a lot of torque for optimal cutting power while not being too noisy, and the recoil starts immediately for quick and easy operation. Petrol engines such as this are suitable for lawns of varying condition, working best on larger surface areas that require a mower powerful mower, such as long and dense lawns or lawns with lots of weedy growth.

In any case, the motor delvers consistent power and speed in all conditions, while the lightweight design and easy operation mean it is even suitable for smaller gardens – not many mowers are suitable for this.

As the 460SP is a walk behind mower, the engine only delivers power to the cutting blade, with no self-propelled feature included.

Cutting Blade

The 460SP comes with a 40cm cutting blade, making it suitable for most large sized lawns. A larger blade is always recommended when mowing across a wider surface area, as it reduces the time spent mowing by removing large swathes of the lawn in one pass. The fewer passes needed, the less time you spend mowing!

Made from high quality steel, the blade retains a sharp edge for a long time before needing sharpened, while you can also buy an affordable replacement blade when needed. The blade produces a clean cut across the grass, while its high starting position means it can mow longer grass without clogging.

Cutting Heights

SPRINT 410P Push Petrol Lawn Mower cutting height wheel adjustment

The mower blade can also be adjusted to six different positions, ranging from 35mm to 85mm, using the central lever on the cutting deck. Having this range of heights is useful as you leave the grass short or long depending on your needs.

Higher blade positions are great for working on long grass, ensuring that you don’t remove too much grass in one go. You should never remove more than 1/3 the grass length at one time, so with longer grass you can use these higher settings to maintain the lawn without causing problems like scalping.

The lower settings are good for getting a nice close cut finish, although at 35mm the lowest setting is not as close as many mowers. If you want to achieve an ornamental finish with a very short finish, this mower may not be the best option, although its great for lawns that are long, thick, damp, weedy etc.



Despite being push operated and being self-propelled, the 460SP is easy enough to operate. It is compact and lightweight, weighing just 22.7kg, which is one of the lightest petrol mowers available, highlighting its suitability for small lawns.

It can certainly work on larger lawns too, with the wide cutting range and powerful engine making it suitable for lawns small and large. Being compact and lightweight also makes it much easier to manoeuvre than many petrol mowers, while you don’t need to worry about losing contorl like with many self-propelled models.

The rear wheels are larger for added stability, improving usability in uneven terrain and longer grass, making it easy to pass across lawns that are less maintained or have sloped areas. Also, the handlebars come with some padded to reduce fatigue in the hands caused by engine vibrations, while they can be adjusted to three positions for more comfortable operation.

2-in-1 Cutting System

The 460SP uses a 2-in-1 cutting system, meaning it not only cuts and collects but also discharges clippings. Most people will find the collect system the most useful, as this gathers the clippings into the large 40L grass collection bag for easier disposal.

While rear discharge is useful in certain circumstances, it does leave a lot of clippings on your lawn that will need removed for optimal growing conditions. Therefore, it is usually more convenient to use the collection function, unless you want to leave clippings on the lawn.

There are not additional functions beyond these basic ones. If you want a mulching function then you will need to consider one of the larger Sprint petrol mowers, such as the 460SP or 460SPX, which are more powerful but also more expensive.

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A great feature of this mower is how compact it is, making it simple to store. This is not always the case with petrol mowers, which are often large and cumbersome so tricker to store. The handles also fold down onto the mowing deck, making it even more compact for storage.


  • Uses the robust Briggs and Stratton 300E series petrol engine
  • Great for grass that is long, thick, weedy, damp etc.
  • Various cutting heights to choose from
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Folds down into compact size for better storage


  • Is not self-propelled but remains lightweight and easy to operate for most users

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