swift EB137CD2 40V Cordless Lawn Mower review

Swift may not be the first brand you hear when looking for a new lawn mower, yet the manufacturer has plenty of great products that come with an equally impressive price. In a market dominated by just a few brands, it is good for consumers that there are more options available for buying their cordless mowers, with Swift’s products falling into the mid to entry-level range.

The EB127CD2 is one of three Swift cordless mowers, this one designed for medium lawns, making it great for most average size gardens here in the UK. Boasting an impressive battery, large cutting width, and varied selection of cutting heights, the EB127CD2 has plenty to offer and all for an exceptional price.

Better still, the mower performance is up there with the top cordless mower manufacturers’ products, highlighting the excellent value for money the EB127CD2 offers. Let’s take a closer look at the Swift EB127CD2 cordless lawn mower to see what it has to offer:


  • 40V 2Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 37cm Cutting Width
  • 5 Cutting Heights (20mm to 60mm)
  • 30L Grass Box
  • Battery Interchangeable with Other Tools
  • Grass Combe for Edging

Battery and Motor

swift EB137CD2 40V battery

The Swift EB127CD2 is fitted with a large 40V 2Ah lithium-ion battery, offering a great balance between power and runtime. This battery powers the advanced digital motor, which uses power adaptive load sensing to determine how long the grass is, adjusting the motor power and battery consumption accordingly.

While runtimes vary depending on lawn conditions, on average you can expect just under 30 minutes with a fully charged battery. This makes the mower suitable for most average size lawns in the UK, which is around 250m2. You can also use this on smaller lawns, although there is a more compact variation of this mower that may be preferable.

A dynamic charger is included with the mower to recharge the batteries as needed, and this offers some surprisingly fast recharge times for a mower in this price range. For example, the battery fully charges in around one hour, which is incredibly impressive given the affordable price point of the model.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the battery included with the mower works with other Swift garden tools. While it is currently a small range of tools, including things like a strimmer, leaf blower, and hedge trimmer, it does mean you can buy other compatible tools without a battery to save some cash.

Cutting Width

The EB127CD2 is fitted with a 37cm steel cutting blade, which is on the larger side for a mower designed for medium size lawns. This is great thought because it means you can mow the lawns in even fewer passes, saving time and effort needed to finish the task.

That said, some may find the 37cm blade too wide for narrower gardens, although there is a more compact variation of the EB127CD2 that comes with a smaller blade and cutting deck. However, this blade size should be fine even on smaller lawns, as the mower is so and easy to manoeuvre in most instances.  

The blade itself is premium quality steel, producing a clean cut without shredding the grass blade. It provides a uniform finish at every height setting, leaving the lawn looking better than ever while giving it the best condition for healthy regrowth.

Cutting Heights

swift EB137CD2 5 cutting heights

There are five height settings for the cutting blade, ensuring you have all the necessary heights for seasonal mowing. Sometimes the lawn should be left longer, like if it is grown quite long and you want to avoid removing too much length at once, while other times leaving it short (such as during summer) is recommended to encourage vigorous regrowth.

In any case, the range of heights from 20mm to 60mm is perfect for mowing throughout the year. You can remove the desired length depending on the lawn condition at that time, ensuring the lawn looks healthy and vibrant.

These heights are adjustable through the central lever on the cutting deck. This is convenient as you simply flick the lever to the required height and the blade moves as needed.


There are a lot of features that make the EB127CD2 incredibly easy to use. For instance, you can power it using a single button on the handle for quick and easy start-ups, while the switch lever is the full width of the handles, allowing you to comfortably position your hands while using the mower.

With the battery included the mower weighs 15.6kg, which is lightweight enough for most gardeners, being easy to operate across the lawn. People that struggle with heavier weights shouldn’t find this too difficult to push, although there some that may find a lighter weighted model is more suitable (such as the more compact variation of the EB127CD2).

The plastic wheels are a good size, offering necessary stability without feeling to heavy or cumbersome across the lawn. In fact, you should find it easy to move this across uneven lawns, as the wheels and lighter weight make it simple to push and pull on all terrains.

Grass Box and Combs

swift EB137CD2 40L grass collection box

There is a 40L grass box included with the mower, providing all the space needed to gather clippings in a single mow. Unless your lawn is large or the grass is espiecally long, this grass box won’t need emptied until you are finished mowing, saving a lot of time and effort.

There are also grass combs integrated into the sides of the cutting deck, allowing you to easily catch all the loose grass that is often missed along edging. It provides a clean and precise finish along edging, making it a good choice for anyone with borders or beds around the lawn.


  • Great price for a cordless lawn mower
  • Wider cutting blade provides faster mowing times
  • Excellent battery performance for this price range
  • Battery fully charges in one hour
  • 30 minute runtime makes it ideal for average size UK lawns
  • Grass combs produce a clean finish along lawn edges


  • No mulching or rear roller feature
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