VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower 1600W Review

VonHaus are probably not the first brand that you think of when buying a lawn mower. Known for producing a wide array of home and garden products, ranging from outdoor furniture to kitchen appliances, the company has now released a selection of garden power tools, including their very first electric rotary lawn mower.

The VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower has quickly become one of the highest rated mowers to hit the market, featuring a robust engine, lots of power, various cutting heights, and compact storage. All of this is available for a very reasonable price, highlighting why the mower has become such a top seller in the UK market.

Let’s take a closer look at the VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower to see what is offers:


  • 1600W Electric Motor
  • 10m Cable
  • 36cm Cutting Width
  • 6 Cutting Heights (25mm to 75mm)
  • 50L Grass Box
  • 12g
VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower 1600W soec

Motor and Power

The lawn mower is fitted with a 1600W electric motor, giving it a no load cutting speed of 3,700rpm. Given the compact and lightweight frame of the motor, this is quite impressive as you get high cutting speeds for more efficient mowing. The mower works well in long and dense grass, effortlessly cutting through tougher grass without any drop in performance.

It is connected to mains power via a 10m cable, which is about average for most electric rotary lawn mowers. The manufacturer claims it can be used in small and large lawns, and for the most part this is true, making it a versatile option that many will appreciate, especially if you have a front and back lawn that are different sizes.

While it is suitable for larger lawns, be mindful of using it on anything too large, as the cutting width may be too narrow when working on those huge surface areas. The mower can certainly handle the task, it will just take a bit longer to finish mowing.

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Cutting Width

The mower is fitted with a 36cm steel cutting blade, with steel being the best material for this as it is strong, durable, and retains its sharpness for a long time. 36cm is the perfect blade length for medium lawns and most larger lawns, removing large swathes with each pass to reduce mowing time.

It is also suitable for small lawns, not being too large and cumbersome that it becomes too difficult to manoeuvre in these more compact surface aeras. It generally is a versatile mower in this regard, with the blade width being suited for most lawn sizes beyond those extra large ones.

Cutting Height

VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower 1600W cutting height

The mower comes with six cutting heights, ranging from 25mm to 72mm, all of which are adjusted using the lever at the centre of the cutting deck. These height selections are perfect for every type of gardener, whether you are someone that loves a well-manicured or someone that only mows a few times per month.

For instance, if you want an ornamental style of lawn, the various lawn settings make it easier to achieve this. You start with higher settings, reducing the blade height with each mow until you are regularly mowing with the lowest setting, creating a beautiful close-cut finish that also encourages a healthier lawn.

Moreover, sometimes you need to leave grass a bit longer or shorter depending on the weather and how long the lawn is. For example, during summer when there is less rain, you may want to leave grass a bit longer, which is where the higher blade settings can help.

In any case, the six blade settings cover all requirements, making the mower a good option for most.  


VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower 1600W handle

Weighing just 12kg, the mower is lightweight so simple to operate. It requires little effort to push and pull across the lawn, even if the conditions are more challenging, such as longer grass or a sloped lawn.

Large rear wheels offer excellent balance and stability across all terrains, while the smaller front wheels make it easier to manoeuvre in tight spots. In fact, the narrower front to the deck makes turning corners much easier compared to many other front heavy mowers.

There is also an ergonomically designed handlebar to further improved usability. This includes soft-grip padding across the handlebar, reducing the impact of vibrations to let you mow for longer without feeling fatigued.

Grass Box and Storage

The Vanhaus Lawnmower comes with a 50L grass box, plenty of space for grass clippings. This is one of the largest capacities for a grass collector box, highlighting that the mower is suitable for large lawns and longer growth, rarely needing emptied until you are finished mowing.

There is no level indicator on the box, which saves the hassle of stopping to check if it is full, although it is unlikely to ever be filled given its huge capacity.

This box is part plastic and part fabric, with the hard upper portion featuring an integrated carry handle so you can easily empty the box. The lower part is made from a breathable fabric, and while this is less durable than an all-plastic box, it does mean you can fold the box down for more compact storage.

Speaking of storage, the mower is simple to store, being lightweight so you can easily move to and from storage. The grass box can be removed for compact storage, while the handles also fold down to further compact the mower for storage.

If you are short on storage space this mower is a great option, as it has such a small footprint that you will be able to store in your shed or garage without taking up much space.  


Versatile mower suitable for various lawn sizes

  • Lots of cutting power to deal with tougher growth
  • Lightweight so easy to operate
  • Soft grip handles for improved usability
  • Spacious 50L grass box
  • Folds down for compact storage


  • No level indicator on grass box
VonHaus Electric Rotary Lawnmower 1600W - 36cm Cutting Width & Adjustable Cutting Height – 50L...100
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