Webb WEER33 Review

Webb WEER33 ER33, 1300 W, 240 V, Green/Black

Webb is a manufacturer of various garden power tools, being a popular option amongst professionals seeking high quality hardware for those more challenging tasks. While best known for their robust petrol mowers, Webb also sells a range of electric rotary mowers that are ideal for domestic use, coming with that same trademark power and efficiency but with an affordable price.

The WEER33 is an electric rotary mower designed for mid to large size gardens up to around 350m2. It features a powerful motor, high cutting speeds, and is one of the lightest models available for mid to large size lawns.

Let’s take a closer look at the Webb WEER33 to see what it offers:


  • 1300W Electric Motor
  • 10m Cable
  • 33cm Cutting Width
  • 5 Cutting Heights (25mm to 65mm)
  • 35L Grass Bag
  • Integrated Grass Combs
  • 8.8kg

Motor and Power

The Webb WEER33 features a robust 1300W electric motor that produces a no load cutting speed of 3600rpm. When considering the power and size of the blade, the mower is recommended for use in mid to large size gardens, working best in areas between 300-350m2.

You can use it on lawns larger than this but the narrower blade does means it would take longer to mow – there are models with a larger cutting widths better suited to these situations.

As it is a corded mower you need to plug it into mains power, with the 10m cable offering ample reach to navigate in most gardens. 10m is standard for a mower cable length, being suitable for most average sized gardens in the UK, but if this is not enough reach then you can simply use an extension cable.

1300W is an impressive motor for a lawn mower that is on the smaller side, with many similar sized mowers having a fraction of the power. This makes it ideal for lawns that are more overgrown with long and dense grass, while it even works well in damp conditions, although you do see the best performance on drier grass.

Cutting Width

The mower is fitted with a 33cm steel cutting blade, which is the best material for a lawn mower as it offers the right balance between strength and durability. It is a quality blade that does not need sharpened often, if at all, while replacement blades are easy to source and very affordable.

33cm is an appropriate size when working on medium size lawns and works well enough on larger lawns, although you may require a few more passes to get the job done. This is not much of an issue though as the mower is lightweight and powerful, allowing you to quickly mow across larger surface areas without taking too long.

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Cutting Heights

You always want a lawn mower with an adjustable cutting blade, as you need to use different heights depending on the length and condition of the lawn. Thankfully, the WEER33 has good range of cutting heights to choose from, ranging from 25mm to 65mm, giving all the settings you need for mowing lawns of varying conditions.

For example, the 65mm setting is suitable for days when the grass is longer. You never want to mow too much at one time – no more than 1/3 of its current height – so this setting should be left if your grass is longer. For each subsequent next mow, simply reduce the blade height until you get the desired look for the lawn.

There are five heights in total, giving plenty of options to ensure optimal lawn health. Having five options is great because you can adjust the blade in small increments, removing the exact amount of grass you need to ensure the lawn looks good and grows back healthier than ever.

All heights are adjusted using a central lever system – simply move the lever to the desired setting and the mower adjusted accordingly. This is the quickest and easiest way to adjust blade position, saving the hassle of manually adjusting the wheels like with some mowers in this price range.


At 8.8kg this is one of the lightest lawn mowers on the market, making the WEER33 effortless to move around the garden. This is even more impressive when you consider the mower is suitable for mid to large size lawns, which are often the heaviest mowers on the market.

Moving it around doesn’t require much strength, ensuring you don’t feel fatigued after long periods of mowing. This is good if your lawn is sloped or irregularly shaped, as having a lighter mower ensures that mowing is not too much of an effort in these more challenging conditions.  

The handlebar comes with soft padding, reducing vibrations, helping to further improve usability by reducing the chances of fatiguing your hands, while larger rear wheels maintain stability across all terrains.

Grass Combs and Grass Box

Given the entry-level price point, the WEER33 does not have too many additional features, with a 35L grass box being standard for a lawn mower in this size range. This box offers a decent capacity when working on mid-size lawns but may require emptying on larger lawns, especially if the grass is longer.

A welcome inclusion is the use of integrated side combs on the cutting deck. These are a handy feature for improved lawn edging, gathering up all those stray blades of grass that are often missed along the lawn edges.

This make maintaining edging much easier, especially considering the low weight and easy manouvreability of the mower, offering flexible movement even in tight areas such as corners or along a fence.

While there is no mulching or rear roller functions included, this is not much of an issue when you consdier how reasonably priced the WEER33 is.


  • Impressive motor for such a compact and lightweight mower
  • Versatile mower that is suitable for medium and large sized lawns
  • Easy to manoeuvre around the lawn – great if you have sloped areas
  • Grass combs for tidier lawn edges


  • Grass box may not offer enough capacity if working on larger lawns
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