WORX WG779E.2 36V Review

WORX are a newer player in the UK lawn mower and power tool market but have made some big strides in recent years. One of the main drivers behind their recent success is the WG779E.2, which has become a best-selling cordless lawn mower, outselling many products from more established companies such as Flymo and Bosch.

The WG779E.2 offers excellent value for money, being one of the best priced models in the cordless market, yet this doesn’t come at the cost of quality or performance. Packed with a great dual battery system, a robust build, and ample features to get the perfect mow each time, it is little surprise it has become such a popular choice for UK gardeners.

Let’s take a closer look at what the WORX WG779E.2 has to offer:


  • 2 x 20V 2Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • 30cm Cutting Width
  • 6 Cutting Heights (20mm to 70mm)
  • 30L Grass Collector
  • Battery Interchanges with WORX Powershare Cordless Tools

Battery and Motor

The WG779E.2 is fitted with a dual battery system, using two 20V 2Ah lithium batteries to produce 40V of cutting power. This translates to around 30 minutes of runtime, making the for smaller gardens with lawns up to 200m2, while there is a two hour charge time, which is on the longer side.

Using Intellicut technology, the mower automatically adjusts the speed to accommodate different grass conditions, ensuring optimal power and efficient battery use with every mow. This is especially useful on overgrown areas, with the mower capable of mowing thick growth without draining the battery too quickly like many other mowers do.

This is a great selling point for many UK buyers, as weather conditions mean we often need to leave the grass to grow longer before its suitable to mow it. Knowing this mower handles longer grass with ease is a good sign for any buyer based in the UK.

The excellent battery performance is a big contributor to the success of this model, even more so when you consider how much more affordable the WG779E.2 is compared to other battery operated models.

Better still, the batteries are part of the Powershare range from WORX, being interchangeable with a range of compatible cordless power tools. If you are thinking of buying other cordless garden or power tools, this is a great opportunity to save some money and extend the runtime of your various tools.

For instance, if you buy this mower and then decide you need a hedge trimmer, you can buy a compatible WORX tool without the battery to save some cash. If you buy this tool with a battery, you can use it to further increase the runtime on your mower.

Cutting Width

At 34cm the steel cutting blade is suitable for small and medium lawns, although we think it works best in smaller areas up to 200m2. The blade is premium quality steel that is razor sharp, producing a pristine cut that leaves the grass looking good while encouraging healthy regrowth.

Like any good mower blade, it is durable and will rarely need any maintenance besides the occasional sharpening. It’s nothing out of the ordinary in terms of mower blades but certainly reliable enough for frequent mowing.

Cutting Heights

Worx cutting height

With a total of six cutting heights available, the WG779E.2 offers a nice selection of positions for the blade to get the perfect cut in any condition. Ranging from 20mm to 70mm, the settings are suitable for varying lawn conditions, whether it’s long and overgrown grass or short, well-maintained grass.

For example, the 20mm setting is one of the lowest settings on any mower, meaning an incredibly close cut to the lawn. While it is recommended to use this setting all the time, people that mow frequently during peak growing season can use this setting to produce a neat and tidy cut close to the ground, like on an ornamental lawn.

Higher settings a good choice for lower maintenance gardeners that mow less frequently. Keep the blade hight and you won’t remove too much grass at any one time, avoiding issues like scalping while encouraging healthy lawn development.

Having the choice to go between various heights is big advantage for people looking to achieve a healthy and vibrant lawn, as you can easily adjust the heights to accommodate the lawn’s condition throughout the year, whether it’s short, long, or somewhere in-between.  


The WG779E.2 is relatively lightweight at 12kg, and while there are lighter models designed for small gardens, few have the same power and runtime.  So, the mower is easy enough to move across lawns, even if the grass is denser, with the large wheels offering good stability and manoeuvrability.

While the handles cannot be adjusted to accommodate different heights, they do come with soft cushion to help reduce vibrations and any fatigue when using it. Most will find it comfortable to use for the 30 minute runtime.

Grass Collector and Edging

A 30L grass collector is included with the WG779E.2, meaning you won’t need to stop it during your mowing to empty the box. This capacity is perfect for smaller lawns, having ample space for lots of clippings, even on those mows where you remove a lot of length from the lawn.

Another nice feature is the ability to mow close to edges, which is useful for lawns where there are fences, edging, flower beds etc. The deck is closely positioned to the cutting blade, making it easier to catch the stray blades of grass that are often missed around edges.


If you are short on storage, as is the case with many small gardens with compact sheds, then the WG779E.2 is a great option. The mower handles fold down onto the top of the deck while the grass box can be removed to signficantly reduce the size of the mower, allowing for much easier storage in tight spaces.  


  • One of the best priced cordless mowers on the market
  • Great cutting power for smaller gardens
  • Can handle thicker and longer grass
  • Battery works with other 40V WORK power tools
  • Lots of cutting heights including low settings for a close cut finish


  • No mulching or rear roller features
  • Batteries take a while to charge
WORX Cordless Lawn Mower with 2 x 20 V Batteries, 34cm, WG779E.2100
  • SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER: Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40V tools, outdoor...

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